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Arizona Snowbowl?

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A job is taking me to Phoenix Jan 30-Feb 4. My options are to tack a couple of days on and drive up to Flagstaff or fly back home to Vermont. As someone else is paying for the flight, is the Bowl worth the side trip?
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Yes, especially with the Grand Canyon another 40 miles up the road.

Check snow conditions before you go, as it's wildly erratic. Snowbowl had 460 inches last year, but in 2002 they had so little they were only open 4 days the whole season.
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That place is way to hardcore for some east coast gaper
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Originally Posted by Alfonse
That place is way to hardcore for some east coast gaper
Well, then, I guess I'll ride the bunny lift and gape. Don' wanna ever let you down, Alfonse!
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AZ Snowbowl - where the snow keeps on giving

Despite receiving nearly 10,000, mostly negative comments on a proposal to expand the Arizona Snowbowl and use reclaimed wastewater for artificial snowmaking on the San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, Coconino National Forest Supervisor Nora Rasure gave the go-ahead to proceed Tuesday during a noon press conference.

It was probably the most difficult decision of her career, Rasure said. "While I must carefully consider impacts to traditional values, I am also charged to make decisions about uses of the national forest that meet other needs of the American public.

"There is no question that the Arizona Snowbowl provides an opportunity for the general public to access and enjoy our public lands while still maintaining the vast majority of the peaks in an undeveloped character, thus accommodating the needs and desires of those who come to the peaks for physical, mental and inspirational rejuvenation."
Wastewater snow - mmm mmm good. Makes you want to run to the slopes right now. Don't eat Yellow Snow.

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Cool, snow making should help make the Snowbowl ice even tougher. Snowbowl has great terrain. It also has some good tree skiing. What it doesn't have is consistantly good snow. Its elevation is high enough to get good snow. Unfortunately, because it is so far south it is subject to major freeze/thaw cycles creating some burly ice.

The high elevation can be a real concern for people not use to it. I visited a friend there once when I was living in Dallas and even though I was in good shape I found myself short of breath many times. To make matters worse Flagstaff is at 7,000 feet so I never really caught my breath the entire visit.
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The latitude is a major factor in the snowfall volatility. Snowbowl's freeze/thaw cycles are caused by the west exposure. Taos is at similar latitude/elevation and preserves snow superbly due to predominant north exposure.
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Do AZ Snowbowl!

Flagstaff is not in the same mental state as Phenonix -- it's more like Bozemen MT, Bend OR, Gunnison CO, etc.....it's a fun college town.

Snowbowl has some good terrain if conditions cooperate. Weekends are rough with the Pheonix crowd. It's a really good one or two day place.
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I've been told the back (OB) side has 4,000 ft vertical when snow conditions permit.
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For those who have skied there, how do you get to the upper bowl? From looking at the trail map It seems like a good hike but the terrain looks pretty interesting.
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