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Fischer Bindings??

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I was looking at the Fischer website last night and noticed that they have a binding lineup for 2002. More interesting to me was that these bindings were actually lowend Salomon bindings... S711 PS and down...

My question is: When did this occur and did i somehoe miss a post about it??

I do recall last spring a discussion of salomon venturing into other companies in order to market their bindings, and fischer and K2 were mentioned. Is there a possibility that the high end bindings will also be incorporated into fischer skis, or even possibly a fischer pilot system?? I would be curious to see how this all worked out between the two companies. If anyone has any info or insight into this matter it would be great.
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Hmmmm, very interesting. Where are they going with that? Will we ever reach the point where every ski manufacturer will be affiliated with a binding manufacturer and take away any choice of binding brand?

Does anyone know anything?
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I have an intereseting experience to share concerning fischer equipment.

I was invited to the local shop the other night when th fischer rep was giving the employees the rundown on the new fischer 2002 line. The fischer bindings are indeed Salomons with 'Fischer' printed on the side.
No surprises there.
Did you know that Fischer manufactures skis for Salomon, Volkl, Atomic, and Rossi, maybe some others? They do at their Austrian headquarters.
The Fischer sponsored racers ski on marker, tyrolia, salomon, etc. Though I wouldn't ever reccomend a salomon binding to anyone.
Fischer has quite a few racers switching over to their skis in the last year. Check out the World cup and the olympics.

Anyone out there ski a Fischer?

If you have the chance demo some this year.
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the bindings are new this year.
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What did the rep have to say about the new line. the sceneo 3 looks real interesting-- is this the new hot thing???
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better than a 1080
Wood core, not foam
Real Carbon Fiber top sheet
not that fiberglass weave that salomon uses
lighter than air
turned up tail (slightly)it's not an all out half pipe ski.
a midfat design
has a raised middle to mount bindings on, provide lift.
I haven't skiied it but as soon as the local shop has one up for demo they said it's all mine.
I think it might be a good candidate to replace my xcreams that are all decambered and bent up.
hopefully it'll be more durable.
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One more thing...
It ain't that expensive.
I think my shop wanted 459.00 US for the full retail price.
not 775.00 like those ugly yellow Xcreams that I bought---into the hype...stupid.
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I have skied on Fischer skis since I was a kid. I currently have six pairs that are still active or only semi retired and three more pair that I simply cannnot quite bring myself to trash. So I will admit my Fischer bias now. [img]smile.gif[/img] I mostly use 2001 Fischer slalom SC race skis, 2000 WC GS race skis and a pair of 2000 detuned GS race skis.

Fischer's consistant hallmark through the years has been that their skis have a very smooth feel and great edge hold. They are noted for their durability and top quality construction.

Fischer is the world's second largest ski manufacturer including making skis for other brand to those brand's specs. (Rossingnol is the largest). Like many Austrian ski companies present and past Fischer started out years ago making barrel staves.

While big in Europe and Japan They have had only a small part of the North American market. They now seem to be trying to improve their image in the US.

Fischer's heritage is basically based on racing going back to Fraz Klammer's days. But they have traditionally concentrated more on racing development programs rather than spending $ to build large stables of endorsed athletes. In this way they are more like Volkl and Blizzard than Atomic and Rossingnol.

Several years ago they moved into the free skiing market with the Altrax series. Perhaps most notable has been the Big Stix 84. This season they are adding the Sceneo series to their All Moutain category.

I don't know much about the Sceneo 3 except that it it supposed to be super light and focused on being the short turn alternative to the big turn oriented Alltrax series.

There are a lot of great skis out there with
different qualities that appeal to different skiers. Fischer skis are certainly worth serious attention when thinking about new skis.

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