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Which Ski's would you add?

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Hello All!!!

I need to add one other set of ski's and wanted to ask your honest opinion about the ski's I am considering.

I presently have a 03-04 Nordica SUV 12X and was considering ONE of the following;
04-05 Atomic SX-B5
04-05 Elan M666
04-05 Volkl 6 Stars

I am looking for something that is all mountain (read hill in Ontario) quick and responsive.

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Since you already have a sort-of all mountain ski, why not go for a groomer, like perhaps the 6*. Or maybe even an SL or GS "lite" ski?
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Going on hear-say only (I haven't actually tried any of em) I would go with the 6*. The SX-B5 seem like an SX11 only more high-speed hard snow and not-short turn. If you only ski fast and don't care for moguls or short turns then SX-B5 is fine. The m666 comes accross as more of a softer deeper snow kind of ski than your likely to find in Ontario; an Elan S12 (which I have tried) might be better suited. The 6*, from what I've heard is a pretty versatile hard snow ski.

I don't know if the quality will be there, what with Volkl being sold off and now made in China and all. Seems to me I've heard a lot more complaints about Volkl the last couple of years (maybe a more critical customer base?).

Fischer makes nice skis.
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Originally Posted by Ghost
I don't know if the quality will be there, what with Volkl being sold off and now made in China and all.
Volkls are not and will not be made in China. IIRC that is one of the things that was stated flatly during the K2 buyout.
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Oops .
I got the impression they were from this thread
Where are they being made?
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Lodro, K2 announced several months ago that Volkl production would be transferred to China - apparently their earlier promise not to do this was just smoke and mirrors.
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Some info on how you like to ski would be helpful, but if you're a relatively high end skier in Ontario, I would go for something along the lines of a high performance carver/race ski - don't be thrown off by the race designation, most "retail" race skis are as good if not better out of the course, on nice groomed hardpack - ie 95% of Ontario conditions.

Here are some recommendations:
SL:11m, ST:11, LT:11, SX:11
The SL and ST are both slalom type skis, the SL has a bigger radius and is more powerful/stiffer. LT and SX are more medium radius skis - around 16m. I would stay away from the SX:B5, as I've heard that in pretty much every respect the SX:11 is a more enjoyable ski and outperforms it.

5 Star, Allstar, Race Tiger SL/GS. Both high performance carvers, the Allstar is the successor to the 6 Star. If you're looking for something more high performance, the retail versions of the Race Tiger might be worth a look.

i.SL, i.Supershape, i.XRC 1200 SW.
The i.SL and i.Supershape are both recreational slaloms, great for laying down railroad tracks - the Supershape is new, so I don't have actual experience with it, but I'm guessing it will be a hot ski. It's sandwich construction, which Head does very very well with.
If you're looking for something slightly less turny, but still high performance, I would highly recommend the 1200 SW - people who read my posts will notice I mention it a lot (too much maybe :P), but I feel it's probably the best eastern high performance carver around. Absolutely awesome ski, you can rip lines at high speed, but it's still wonderfully responsive at low speed. I can't say enough good things about it.

Those are my suggestions, I know others will come up. As with any ski purchase, you should try to demo as much as possible. Depending on where you ski in Ontario, it may be fairly easy to find demo days, and if not, stores will generally let you demo a pair for a day for about $30, but if you end up buying skis from them they'll deduct up to 3 demos off the price.

Finally, Volkls are made in Straubing, Germany.
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For what it's worth, lately I ski mostly the same area as you (Ontario) and put my money down on a 12-m radius Fischer WC SC on sale last spring, but if I didn't already have a LR ski I would have gone for something like the SX11.
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