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Tahoe lift tickets & others

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Planning to go to Tahoe on February or March for the first time.

Questions: are there shops to buy tickets at a discount in Tahoe, such as Cannyons Sport in Salt LakeCity ? Alternatively, are there multiple passes that let you ski several mountains like the weekly pass for Vail, B.Creek, Keystone or Brecken ?

Is 4wd really necessary to drive from Reno to truckee to SLT and within the different mountains ? In my previous visits I have always used 2wd in Colorado and Utah without real reouble. 4wd rental price equals 2wd by 3...

How does Colorado snow compare to Tahoe's ? The phrase 'Sierra cement' scares me a bit...

Thanks for any answer.
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Two words: fat skis. If you can handle wind-affected snow at Las Lenas, you'll be fine at Tahoe.

With regard to 4WD, California/Nevada will require chains during storms if you don't have it. And the snowfalls are intense, a large amount of snow in a relatively short time, also like Las Lenas.
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try this for discount tickets
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Tahoe advice

As far as lift tickets are concerned, I know that Heavenly has some great tickets deals if you buy in advance online at there website. Also if you are a student, Kirkwood and Heavenly have season pass deals for $230 for the entire year which is awesome. I think Heavenly is a pretty good place to ski, here is the link to a review about it, http://www.enjoy-skiing.com/heavenly.htm.

In terms of driving around Tahoe, snow chains are required if it snows and 4wd is a nice thing to have, but not completely necessary.

The snow can be wet, but sometimes you get light stuff, not like Utah, but Kirkwood get the lightest tahoe snow because it is a little ways from the lake.

Hope this helps!!
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Alpine Meadows has $39 lift tickets, 7 days a week, except for major holidays.

That, combined with generally lesser crowds and a more down to earth (esp compared to Squallywood just north of Alpine) atmosphere make it a fine choice, imo.
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I seem to remember that Safeway (supermarkets) sold slightly discounted, $5 ?, tickets to Sugar Bowl. Mount Rose always has some deal or other mid week. I'd manage your expectations and suggest that you either focus on North Shore ski areas (Squaw, Alpine, H*m*w**d, Sugar Bowl, Northstar, Mount Rose, ...) or South Shore (Heavenly, Sierra, and possibly Kirkwood). The distances don't look big but in winter it can eat into a day. 4wd is not necessary in Tahoe - if the weather is bad you're going to be stuck whatever vehicle you've got :
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This might be a good deal for you.

2005-06 Community Ski and Ride Pass

2 Mid-Week Ski or Ride Days at 13 Areas for $349.00, a total of 26 midweek (Sundays incl at some resorts) non-holiday days.

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Thanks for all these info, we are digesting it. Got some more questions:

Some guys will be arriving some days later to Reno and Sacramento. Are there buses or shuttles from the airports to SLC, Truckee/Tahoe City or Mammoth, or do we have to come back to pick them up ?

If staying some days at Mammoth, is it necessary to sleep there or are there any cheaper small town close enough to drive every day to the slopes ?
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In Mammoth stay in the 1970's vintage condos in town for better prices. Anything outside of town (June, Bishop) is 45 minutes away. Anyone who comes to Mammoth will need a car to get there. Set up your trip to stay at Tahoe until the late arrivals show up, then you can all go to Mammoth together.
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