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Park City Lodging

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My wife and I...along with another couple...will be going to Park City around the second/third week of January. Can someone recommend some great websites for decent priced lodging? I know many condo owners advertise on some websites at a decent price. We need a two bedroom condo/chalet/hotel for the week. It does not have to be ski in/ski out.

Any information you could pass along would be awesome!!

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Hi Troy,

I would recommend that you try for vacation rentals that are for rent by owner. We got a 1 bedroom condo beside the 3 Kings lift at Park City last year for $126 a night in February! I haven't seen a deal like that this year, but I think you will find affordable options there. A direct link to Park City rentals follows:
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Just fyi - You might have company: . Don't know if that's your exact week but if so I'd ask around it would affect skiing, lodging, restaurants, etc.
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Absolutely check your times against the Sundance film festival. While you don't have to worry about the skiing being crowded, it can be difficult to find a place to stay or getting a reservation to eat.
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has one of the largest selection of rentals in the Park City area. Property next to the town lift at PCMR, or ski in /ski out at Deer Valley.
As the post says above, check you dates and make sure you don't arrive when Sundance is in town, it's insane with all the PIBS in town.
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Thanks for all the quick replies...I will definitely check my dates!!

More links certainly welcome!
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Haven't used this site personally but seems to have several properties....
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its only 2 conos, and they are afriends, but they are centrally located and well appointed.
rates are also better than most.

research location
cheap condos are often so for a reason and a long way from the slopes, fyi
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