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I am urgently trying to find the best pair of skis that will suit my wife for the coming season. Her history is that she is an intermediate skier, carves quite nicely, can get down red runs quite quickly (and with good technique) and is skiing black runs (with a bit of caution). She is early thirties, about 164 pounds, 5ft 8" and has been on the snow for about 6 seasons and has no experience off piste. I want to try and get her a pair that won't be to difficult to ski on to begin with but will take her a long way in developing her technique and confidence. By the way, she has Rossi Elite Bandit 2 W boots.

I've compiled and researched a list of skis, but as I'm planning on making them a surprise, I can't get her to try any on a demo and can only rely on write ups on the manufacturer and retailer websites. This is where you guys come in. Could anyone who owns or has been out on any of these give me a run down on how the skis performed for their own ability and conditions?

Any feedback (good or bad) would be very welcome.

The candidates are:

Atomic B9:6 Diva
Atomic B9 Lady
Atomic B11 Puls

K2 One Luv
K2 True Luv

Rossi B1
Rossi B2
Rossi Zenith Z1
Rossi Saphir 300

Salomon Scrambler 7

Volkl Attiva 4*

Fischer Vision 40 FTI

Dynastar Exclusive Active 9

Head Hot Thang
Head Cool Thang
Head Lightning iM Super Rail Flex 2

At the moment I'm leaning towards either of the K2's or the Volkl's.
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Go with the Volkl 4 star. The K2's you are looking at are soft and so are the Rossignols. The Atomics are probally a little heavy. Fischer makes a good ski. One thing to take into consideration...... Many women like skis that look pretty. So my advice would be to find a pair of skis that look and ski well.
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Originally Posted by Atown313
Many women like skis that look pretty.
And many of us don't. In fact, this woman wants nothing to do with skis that have flowers on them. I'm not a snowbunny and don't wish to be treated as such.
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I agree that some women want a ski that is all about performance but there are women out there that want "pretty skis". Not trying to offend anyone in here, just stating a fact. Look at how ski companies are marketing womens skis, most have flowery or pretty colored top sheets. I know women specific have a lot of good things like a softer and lighter core, easier flexing, and a foward binding mounting position. Most die hard women will over power a women specific ski and will want something with more support.
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Thanks for the tip about the Volkl 4s.

My aim is to make sure that I buy a set of skis that my wife will feel confident using. I quite agree that most women specific skis have graphics to asthetically please, but the graphics don't help when your skiing.

I had a similar experience when buying my skis. A number of people I asked (including shops staff) advised me to buy Streetracer 10s cos they lokked "cool man". In the end I chose a pair that would suit want I want from a ski and how I want my technique to develop.

Has anyone got any experiences of the other skis above?
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My wife is about the same size and skill level as yours, and she bought the K2 burnin luv last year. I thought they would be too much for her, but she loves them. I think the other K2s you mentioned will be too soft for her.
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I looked at the Burnin Luv but felt that they would be to much too soon and she would find them too difficult to ski. I don't think that she will get the most out of the Burnin Luv's either.
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I bought some K2 women's skis and tried to like them, but after 2 seasons just couldn't. Last year I bought Atomic M9 and I love them in both the ice here in New England and in the powder out West. They are heavy, though.
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