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Viper 10.2 ?

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Looking at the 99/2000 model year of this ski. Has anybody skied it? Was thinking of 191 or 196cm for 6ft -205lbs.
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Pretty fun ski. It really carves up the groomed, but will bump pretty well too. It is pretty average in pow, the 10.2 shovel helps, but it could use a little more girth under foot. The 191 should be plenty. Keep in mind this is a detuned GS ski, and World Cuppers use a ski around 181-188 for GS.
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Do not buy this ski!! I owned two pair which i acquired through Sport Check. They ski great but both pairs delaminated under the heal area, with less than five days on each pair. Sport Check took good care in replacing the skis but Rossi Canada where useless. I now ski the head X-80, it skis better in all conditions for me. I had the 191, lots of ski, The X80 is a 190.
hope this helps.
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Thanks for the info. Jo was thinking of buying at Sport Check if really marked down next weekend. But will have to think of the Rossi delam thing. Now was that a cosmetic think or a water gets in and destroys ski thing?
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Its not cosmetic, the delame results in the base bumping out in the damaged part. If they are the 99 dollar skis then it still might be worth the money.
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Yup, thats what I was thinking of, for $99 might be a good price. Not that I've seen them at that but their two years old and only in 191 and 196. See next weekend. Jo do you do the lineup then for that sale? Warrenty won't be a big deal for me as long as the covered them eventually. Though I imagine you'd get " what the frig do you expect after paying 100 bucks".

As far as length goes, I hate this question, but I'm on a pair of 198 El Caminos and like them. Didn't have a choice in length for the price , again $99, so agonized and bought them. At first were too long , struggled, but then again I was an out of shape fat guy who hadn't skied much in the last 15 years. Actually like them better in powder than my mid fat at 183 ( too short).
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I love the 191. In fact, I justed found a pair for my buddy for $199. Good thing that we have similar boot sole lengths, because I will get to ride them on occasion. As far as durabliity is concerned, it must just be a case by case issue. The last two pair of Rossi's I had were great (XX and GS Race). I hammered them in the park and no delams after 18 months. Anyhow, the 191 is probably ample. These sticks rail, and they are fun as all-mtn. boards with a bias towards the groomers. If you can get them cheap, pick them up! Also, you can extend the warranty on any new Rossi by putting a Rossi binding on. Just something to consider.
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Oh Bandit, when Jo and I were discussing price that $99 is in Canadian $$ so about $70 in US funds. Actually do have extra pair of Rossi bindings, FTX 105, though I wasn't thinking of using them myself. Good point though.
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Me in retail??? hahahaha
just a guy who doesn't pay full price for anything. I doubt they will be 99 bucks. My guess is they will have more of those massive nordica waves for 99.00.
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True it would be a little bit of stretch for the 10.2 to be on for $99. Definately the Nordica U Waves for $99 as they were on for $119 last year of a weekend then jacked up to $199. bUt they only had the 200s? Though don't need a fat mid fat or a slim fat as picked up a pair of Fischer mountain X which are a bit fatter than the U Waves.
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I own a pair of the Rossignol Mountain Viper 10.2's in a 191. I like them a lot for hard (well, CO hard) snow, but they are a handful in terrain. Folks I know who ski them in terrain break them, etc. They are the "ice fighters" in my quiver, tho my Volant T3 SuperKarves are just as grippy, and more versatile.

They may break if you thump them hard. But they sure ski the early season manmade well!

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