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What to buy?

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Im looking for an opinion. I skied pocket rockets all year last year and loved them. Im looking to get some new sticks this year and was wondering if anyone had any good ideas. I ski all mountain, pretty aggressive, and want a wide ski to do most everything.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on what to buy
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Hi Big C

I ski a few different boards but this year I have gone with the K2 line. If your looking for a good all around ski and a good pow ski I would go with the K2 Seth Vicious. The only thing you will find with the Seth's is their not that great on real hard pack or ice.

I skied a glacier in Kananaskis yesterday for the first on Seths and loved them.

Another ski you may want to look at is the Head Mad Trix Mojo. I have skied on these for 2 years and just loved them. Great for the park, general conditions and very good in powder.

There is alot to choose from but these 2 skies will work for you as both are about 90mm underfoot and will handle everything you can throw at them.

Good Luck
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Volkl Mantra
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Volkl AC4
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Legend 8800
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Actually I agree with Coach, if you are used to Salomon's I think the Legend 8800 will be a better choice.
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How about a Metron!
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How about a hint? Seriously "I ski all mountain". Me too. Could you perhaps elaborate? Based on prior posts, you have had K2 Axis and it looks like you may have done some AT skiing. What do you want from a new set of skis? Turn shape, speed, snow conditions, terrain. Otherwise you will end up with a fairly long meaningless list of the skis WE like here.

You might refer to the sticky thread at the top.
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After skiing on Pocket Rockets for 2 1/2 years and loving every turn I bought some Elan M666s to add to the quiver for more firm conditions. I have not yet put my PRs back on. I ski all mountain (except groomers if I can help it) and have found the Elans to be quite strong in Cascade Concrete (a close relative of Sierra Cement).
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