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I remember a day @ Jay that was -72 wind chill. Ski Partol were sending white faced skiers inside. Circa 1973.:
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Freakin wind chill. Who made that $#!t up?
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Lots of good comments in here. The thing about Jay, IMHO, is that many of their glades are on the map. That means that those runs get tracked out pretty quickly, and you end up skiing a mogul field with trees by 2PM on a snow day. Again, that is simply in my experience. I'm sure there are a number of stashes that see less traffic, but many of the best ones that used to exist have been brought onto the map. Places like Stowe, Smuggs, Sugarbush, and MRG strike a MUCH better balance between leaving things on and off the map. The Smuggs/Stowe combo is absolutely gynormous and has some real big mountain skiing lines. Down near MRg/Sugarbush, basically the entire ridgeline between Appalachian Gap and Lincoln Gap is skiable in one form or another - that's a good 6-8 miles, maybe more. Once the snow covers up the gremlins (normally in early January, sometimes earlier, sometimes later like last year) it's open season in the woods. You'll go through spells with a warm-ups and rain, but they usually end with a cold front and 10-14" new along with it. Burlington as a base of ops is a fine idea. As others said, follow the weather reports and make an effort to understand which areas will benefit from the pattern du jour. You'll find fantastic skiing, especially in the trees, everywhere from Killington north, and you'll become a much better skier for it.
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Originally Posted by TBay
Yeah, the "Freezer" chair at Jay can be damn cold
o yeah! felt its burn yesterday. but a year or 2 ago me and a friend were stuck on that one spot for 30 minutes because the lift died............ i almost cried. and thats hard for me to do. i woulda jumped if it wasn't exposed frozen ground below. :
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Originally Posted by jamesdeluxe
Here, choose from these. All of them suck pretty badly:
This thread has some freaking awesome pics of the East. Amazing shit.

Man I'm jonesing for some Stowe action in such a big way. I saw all my favorite spots, haven't hiked the Chin yet this year. This weekend is looking good with some fresh though.
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I go to Jay every year and i love it so much. Its got tons of powder in the glades if you go after a storm!
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Been going for 20 years. I have had more powder days at Jay than anywhere else.
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Jay has a tram, similar to JH, and is on the canadian border, owned by canadiens, full of folks from Montreal so say "ay" at the end of each sentence and you will do fine, ay.

Skied my first glades at Jay 35 years ago. To be honest, if there is new snow, all the resorts mentioned especially MRG, the Bush and Stowe will satisfy your skiing craving. A bonus is that Burlington is a great college town. Pretty good nightlife and cultural things going on, reletive to Vermont...lol
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Don't forget about Le Massif, Quebec, which gets a massive amount of lake-effect snow.
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