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Avalanche area maps

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Cool looking resource. Useful if you tour in this area I suppose
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This is really quite helpful. Good office art too.
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Did you notice BTW, that you can dowload a pdf of the file (LCC, anyway) that has enough detail to actually be useful? I find route finding in avalanche prone areas to be part common sense and part memory. A map like that is good to use for the memory part.

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in europe we see more and more such maps being established. there is an online map available for tyrol (western austria, innsbruck area ) that shows avapanche-prone gradients in 5-degree steps with a coulour code, that is 30plus, 35plus, 40plus etc. :, hangneigungskarten.

in switzerland, more and more of the anyways excellent 1:50.000 topographic maps become available with terrain above 30deg. marked red. many important regions such as davos are already availble.

i find these things super useful, especially because the off-piste concept in europe is different, to say the least. the fact that groomed runs are open does not say anything about avy danger in the neighbouring slopes. consequently, a serious and responsible offpiste skier must engange in avalanche-risk managment almost all of the time, and that is where it becomes handy to know the pitch of the terrain.
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more specific:

btw: the blue areas on the start screen are ski area boundaries. some are FAIRLY large.
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