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The ski forums are all abuzz as the days get ever so shorter--but c'mon this is the heart of mountain biking season--and to that end, I have a gear question--I've got a set of turbocat night lights that I've used for the last 3 years-doublebeam on the handlebar and a15watt helmet light as well--they work great-I've got no complaints-but the magazine corporate shills keep claiming that one, helmet mountable HID light and ultra light battery will out perform my undoubtedly more cumbersome set up (i.e, it will be brighter and last longer...and weigh less--the triple threat!). Any truth to these claims??
My local shop is hawking the latest ARC's from Light and Motion-they worth the upgrade cash???

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I have a Turbocat helmet mount and HAD a Nightsun handlebar light which has since bitten the dust. I am ordering the new Hope HID. The problem with running a really powerful helmet light is that you lose all depth perception because there are no shadows. A tombstone rock will just look like flat dirt. I like having the helmet light to see around corners, but the powerful light on the handlebars.

Hope - http://www.jensonusa.com/store/produ...ht+System.aspx
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I run a single HID helmet light system from nighrider and have not experienced any flat light conditions as described above.

2 races and several training rides on the niterider setup with no issues what so ever. My model is a 2004 that was on closeout for $299 at wheelworld.com

Make the switch-it is worth it.
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I ride with a guy who uses a NiteRider BlowTorch HID (handlebar mounted), and it's pretty damn impressive. I run a FrankenLight (home made) with a 15W spot and 25W flood, and his HID puts out as much light as mine with both lights on, yet his uses less power, and the coor of the light is better. On the down side, they are damn expensive. I've seen the '05 Blow Torch on sale for $300 recently, but I only spent $70 building my own, and if I need to replace the battery, it'll cost me $16 ($12+ shipping).
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