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Yeah, we will, but we won't have hard copies until January. It's a different process. But the ebook will be up and available and you can download and print it. I'll bring some prints as well.
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I'm just starting the reading, but so far, it's like nothing I've ever read - or heard - before. Also, it is UNMISTAKEABLY WEEMS! Insightful, self deprecating, and FUNNY!
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Within the peak performance model

Is it fair to regard preconceptions as cues onto plateaus?
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That's a good thought.

I think that preconceptions can play a role of narrowing the search and therefore, closing one off from the possibilities that are out there. In this case, since the student doesn't have a whole bunch of pertinent new stuff to choose from it can flatten the learning. Again, this is the "bad" version of plateau--where the sensation is that learning has stalled (and this is the conventional usage of the term to which I object).

Ultimately though, I have to pick and choose and make decisions and that in itself is a form of preconception--I decide something will work and then do it. The trick is to move with agility from one concept to another rather than get stuck in the preconception.
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Hi Weems,

I have downloaded and now will find the time to read. Probably on the plane next week to Frankfurt, Germany from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Except for about 45 days at Keystone this past season I have been off skis for the better part of 2 seasons and miss it something fierce.

The overview I just read seems exciting. I trust the response from the public at large will be as overwhelming as the ones from Epicski - including Mr. Devils advovcate - MBS.

And I totally support your need/want to share your passion. That is what separates the pros I have met at Epicski from the rest of the fodder on the mountains. Regardless of some of the perceptions out there about me, that is my reason for being.

Looking forward to the relaxing plane trip with you and the next chapters when they are available.

best regards, richard eisner (ziggy)
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Hi Ziggy, I'm glad to see you back here between planes! (I doubt anyone who knows you here could doubt your passion for skiing. I hope you can land safely back in the mountains soon.)
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Sorry, weems, the implicit existence of a 'good' plateau concept just has me puzzled as to what it could be now.
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Originally Posted by comprex
Sorry, weems, the implicit existence of a 'good' plateau concept just has me puzzled as to what it could be now.
I didn't sense that implication. I sensed an overall disavowal of the notion of "plateau" because the perceived "plateau" is just a bad, erroneous perspective.
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The word plateau tends to describe, with a negative connotation, that period where progress is not discernible. It is felt as a stalling, dead-end, slog. In fact, that plateau period is where huge learning takes place. I guess I shouldn't imply a "good plateau" even though so much is happening during the period of frustration and non-discernible progress. My point is that this precise place where we suffer so much is probably the most magical place of all, and we can profit immensely by changing our attitude about it. Certainly there are enough metaphors to describe it: the dark before the dawn, the cloud with a silver lining, etc. That cloud and that dark are part of an important cycle.
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Thx Nolo,

You guys are rarely out of my thoughts. Hope to be back for a month or so mid Feb.

Here's a toast to new friends in strange places! (or is that strange friends in new places!?!?!?) --- some of whom I have turned on to our wild, wonderful, world!
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Thanks, Weems. Just downloaded and look forward to reading. In Aspen over Xmas holiday and welcome the opportunity to intro and thanks in person.
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Hi Damato. Make sure and get in touch. 379 6021
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Very nice Weems! From your picture I'd guess you are about the same "vintage" as me? Do you by chance know Woody Anderson who used to be mountain manager at Park City in the late 60's?
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Wow! Weems Westfeld

Im from Argentina and I ve been reading his articles since i was a teenager!
I cant beleive there is people that reacts negatively to this...:
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Sitzmark, I can't remember the name Woody Anderson--probably because I'm a much more ancient vintage than you. I only remember my own name when I get mail!

Streif, nobody has been really negative--except maybe a private note from our dear friend SCSA. But, if a guy puts his stuff out there, he has to expect challenges. I use them to grow with. And I presume good intentions--sticking fiercely to my happy naivite. Thank you for your kindness.
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Weems, check out the other thread... (post 7 by me)
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Thanks Weems. I just thought you might know Woody. He currently owns Pomerelle, Idaho. He taught thru the 60's and 70's at several resorts prior to running the mountain at Park City. Woody Anderson is "hands down" one of the best and most professional ski business people I have ever met.

Also, thanks for sharing chapters of your outstanding book. I can't wait to own the whole thing.
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I like your fresh point of view. You are obviously a happy person and teaching people how to be happy with themselves and everyday experiences! Like it!

The Sports Diamond looks at experiencing any sport with a framework that promotes enjoyment of every moment. It takes a refreshing, tactical approach to the process of learning and enjoyment of our chosen sport.

Looking forward to ESA and spreading the love....

Grant, when you write a book about skiing, I would love to read your contribution!
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
What is detrimental to the sport of skiing is:
1. The discouragement of new ideas
2. The discouragement of new skiers
3. The stroking of overinflated egos
4. The inability to have mature debate between differing points of view.

If more time was spent encouraging people, and being humble in our attitudes, then we would see progression in our sport.
There ya go!

I am looking forward to meeting Weems face-to-face for the first time at the EpicSki Academy at Alta/Snowbird this January. He is our Dean for ESA West. As a result, it should have been clear that this thread (and the initial post) are directly related to EpicSki and the ESA (they are).

Furthermore, attacks without analysis are simply opinion formed on a weak foundation.

Grant, if you take the time to read Weem's book, I'd like to hear your resultant assessment, hopefully with a lot of insight and limited attack. If you don't, you have no basis for comment.
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A "local bearess" will be reviewing Weems' book for the late November issue of ASPEN MAGAZINE!!!!!!!
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Save me a copy of that magazine, LM, and leave it on your coffee table.:
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When I read Weems list of people he would like to thank regarding his development as a skier and an instructor, I saw the name Cal Cantrell and I remebered back in the mid 70's a group of my friends were instructors at a small ski area Peek N Peak outside of Erie, Pa. They enrolled in a clinic conducted by this guy from Stowe(Cal Cantrell). They were all very good skiers or so we thought. If they had any egos the guy from Stowe changed that. He broke their skiing down and was less than impressed with the group. I can remember one of the guys loved skiing moguls and had his own ideas on how to ski them, the response was "I ski an elevator shaft of moguls every morning" and he wasn't too interested in what the guy had to say. Anyway, I think he struck the fear of God into this group of guys taking his clinic and illustrated their was a much higher plateau in skiing that these guys weren't even close too.
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i just skimmed the first five chapters of your book and think it's great. in fact i think you can apply alot of your principles to other sports, especially your psychological approach. i'll definately buy a copy.

it's a shame though that a portion of this thread is taken up by all the fuss over a post.
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ummm weems I just got an email from you with an aspen address... nothing else....

was this correct? what is it for etc?
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I got one too. Wasn't as good a read as your book, I must say
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I'm still digesting the free stuff. At first I thought it was marketing stuff. but.
So for the last 2 days, while skiing, I've been dissecting thing into the 4 quadrants.. and something's clicking. Big Time.

I'm exploring the mental aspects, and it is WORKING. I need to do some more of this, but this is powerful stuff and I'm aghast. and in awe.

I'm skiing trees like they are slalom poles. I'm skiing steeps like they are blues. I'm blasting through things that normally I brake for. It's subtle but very germaine.

I'm now very interested.
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