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Announcement from Weems

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Hi Barking Bears,

Drop what you’re doing. Right now! And go to . Take a look, download five free chapters of the ebook, “Brilliant Skiing, Every Day”, pass it around to all your friends, and have them come by and visit as well.

Surely your mundane responsibilities to family, friends, job, country, club, and country club can’t be as urgent as this! (wink wink) So get on it!

For some time now I’ve said that I’m working on a book and website based on my Sports Diamondstrategy for developing and managing yourself as an athlete. I’ve been delayed by one thing or another (including my own procrastination!). Well we’re finally up, live, and we’ve created a special portal for the EpicSki members. I figured this is a unique group and therefore deserves a unique entry point. This will also serve as a portal to a discounted download of the entire ebook when the final five chapters appear in November.

At the ESA in Snowbird, we’ll use this material in order to offer a framework and roadmap for sustaining the incredible progress we expect you to make in the hands of our gifted coaches. So, while you’re at it, sign up for ESA as well. (Also don’t forget the East Coast ESA event!) Of course, participants get the whole book for free!

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think—either here at epicski or in the contact me section of the website.

Also, when you download the ebook, we’ll send you a confirmation request so that we can keep you on our list. I promise I won’t sell it to my cousin Fred in Winnemucca Nevada who runs a spam factory and list selling operation.

Hey! Winter’s coming! Get ready.

See you on the snow,

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Cool! Thank You.
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Will ESA East participants also be getting the book or just the Westies?
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I'm pleased to offer it at no charge to anyone who shows up to any of the ESA events.
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Thanks Weems, that's very generous of you. I will look forward to reading the rest of the book. I really enjoyed the download.
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Weems - now you're "published" does this mean you're in a position to help poor old Bob actually get the next edition of his encyclopedia out

PS download in progress...

PPS maybe you can figure out a way for us international ESA attendees to get an electronic copy so we can brush up beforehand?

PPPS Thanks for being so generous
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You're welcom lbt. I wish Bob would get it done as well. I don't know the status, but I know it will be good.

When it's available, everyone who signs up for ESA will get a free ebook as well, as the hard copy.

The hard thing is going to be to get the hardcopy available on time.
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Weems, can I get a bonus point for spotting the deliberate mistake on your website?

How exactly do you spell your surname?
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Perfect. You win. The webmaster guy will love this! We all missed that.
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For those of you who are reading Fox's clever find, it's corrected now--even on his post. But yes, indeed. I had misspelled my own name.
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Ah ha, finally found this thread.
Disski delighted me by handing me a copy of this book!!!!!! Thanks Weems, for such a kind present, I'd been wishing I had a printer to get the rest of it. And thanks Disski, for thinking of me.

I had been slowly working my way through the early bits I'd printed back in Oz, and thinking it was a bit esoteric airy-fairy etc.

anyway, my mind was processing the "unfamiliar" bits of the Diamond (as it tends to do, it works things out on its own), and I found myself skiing badly as usual one day, and in popped thoughts about Touch and Will (my stumbling blocks). Well blow me down, soon I was skiing smoothly and enjoying the runs. There's something in this!

So I was waiting to return home so I could get the rest of it, but now I have a neat little book with coloured pictures and everything.

There's a lot in it, it's dense and I can only read bits at a time, then I have to sit'n'think for a bit. I think by the third reading I'll be coming to grips with it and joining the dots, but already I am identifying where in the Diamond I am when I'm skiing, so I can check the other corners as well.

I want to start incorporating some of this in my teaching too, but I want to "own" it a bit more first.

Anyway, this is an excellent book and the concepts take this average instructor into unfamiliar but amazingly productive territory.
Strongly recommend it.
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Thanks, Ant!

I hope it grows more useful for you. I'm familiar with your experience about this. Many have reported that they begin to "get it" after time and processing. This is why it's a hard "upfront" sell. However, the fact that it comes alive after some mental incubation is one of the things I'm most pleased about, because I don't want it to be just some trivial progression. I want it to be a toolbox you can draw on always.

I also suspect you are already using it in your teaching, and have been for years. All I'm proposing is a model to build concious competence around what you already do.

Take care,

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Hey, Weems, ask Oboe how I ski now. It's mostly Cuz of You.
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The plain truth: Bonni is not the same skier she was at the inaugural EpicSki Academy - she is much, much improved. Bonni deserves immense credit for her accomplishment.
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I haven't seen her since then, but I will say that whatever improvement she has made (which I do not doubt) is mostly because of HER. All ski coaches do is open the door. It was you, Bonni, that stepped through it.
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