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Just bought K2 Maden AKS. Suggestions for bindings?

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I just bought the new 179 Made in Aks but am having trouble deciding on a binding for them. I was thinking Naxo 01 third generation but I'm a little scared of having them brake taking 20 or 30 foot hucks on steep terrian. A pain seeing I hike in for say 1 hour which is great having the double pivot fronts etc. But will they handle the abuse. I have never used a touring set up before and usually just suffer the pain of hiking in with alpine bindings or walking.

Is it better to just buy a good pair of Alpine bindings and snap in a cheap tour rig for the hour I'm hiking in or go with the naxo or other touring rig?

Any help would be appreciated.
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I have Fritschi Freerides on my 189 Made'N AKs. I haven't had the chance to put them through the kind of abuse I plan on yet but I think they should hold up. A lot of guys I know rip pretty hard on the Fritschis. They aren't a 16 DIN race binding by any stretch but they can still take heavy use from what I hear. Mine are still quite new so I can't really comment on personal experience yet.
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I have the 189cm Madens with Markers. I would recommend another binding if it will fit. IMHO the Markers pre-release. Others may argue against this but it is my experience with the Markers on my Maden and my Explosiv.

I have Looks on my other skis (waists up to 98mm) and I have no issues with them. I think their wide brake may fit the Maden but I'm not sure.

...if you are going to huck as you will want sturdier conventional bindings.
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I would never buy a set of naxo's after lsst year. they are the biggest piece of crap binding out there. I broke 3 sets last year. if you have to go to an AT binding, go with the freeride.
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Thx Guys

Jim S - I gave it some thought and I have to agree with you that for hucking I will use a different ski and binding set up and use use the Maden AK set up for BC. I took your advice with the Rosi/look 140 binding from last year and slapped them on a pair of 179 cm Seths. I like the 7 point contact on them and should be a little eaiser on the knees.

Skifordad - I have heard the same about the Naxo 01's and won't buy them, seems that to many problems with the molding proccess caused severe failures. Any thoughts on the NX21's? They look alot tougher than their predecessor and the reviews look pretty good.

Screamrider - Fritschi Freerides look like the safe bet but these Naxos do look cool.

Still torn...may have to flip a coin.
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I'm pretty much in the exact same boat as you. Maden's with the Freerides for BC and I'm setting up some Mantras with either Salomon 916s or Rossi 140s to handle the hucks and everyday riding. I think it's a good way to go since any AT binding (even Freerides or NAXOs) just aren't made to handle repetitive 20-30 ft hucks! Those NAXOs do look great but overall from my research I have read and heard more comments in favour of the Fritschis.

Enjoy! Where do you ride by the way?
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Screamrider - I'm going to be testing both bindings out in the next week and will let you know the results. I do agree that the free rides are the way to go but I'm sure testing them is going to prove this.

Oh by the way I have found skins that will fit the AKs very nicely with out doing any drilling etc. The skin has metal clips front and back that fits over the rivets and holds well. I 'm going to set the skins up and take some pictures to show you if your still looking. Will post the manufacturers name etc in a couple hours...

I ride all over Western Canada - Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, Kicking Horse, Fernie Rossland, Nelson and Kimberley. I do Back country off all these resorts as well.

How about you? Care to hook up for some steep and deep?
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WhiteWolf, I look forward to your binding review. Where are you testing them?
I really want to see the pics and get some info on the skins too, sounds great.
I also ride all over Western Canada.....last year was mostly Whistler, SS, LL and KHMR. Unfortunately live in the East right now so I make a few trips each year. I'll be moving back soon though. Can't wait!
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Screamrider - Will post everything here on Monday with the full run down...Got side tracked yesterday hiking up in Johnstons Canyon and doing some sport climbing on Barrier mountain today...

Be Cool
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Just wondering if you could provide some feedback on your testing?
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Hey scream rider...Got off my ass and got the reviews done. Hope these help.

Testing was done in Kananaskis last week where conditions were a little marginal in some areas but I was able to put the bindings through different terrains and through all the motions.

I tested the Naxo 01's on a pair of Maden Ak's which is the set up I finally went with. I tested the Free rides on a pair of Seth pistols from last year.

This is my first AT binding to which I graduated from alpines. It was a nice change not having to drag the weight of an alpine binding around all day. The Naxo 01 binding performs extremely well. No unintentional releases, although I had to increase the DIN setting slightly over my normal setting to get the same release pressure of my alpine bindings. I've skied these on ice, bumps, powder and steeps with great results. I notice a bit less response from input when initiating turns, but it is very slight. The simplicity of adjustments is great with a lot of thought having gone into the resistance of snapping the elevators through their different positions. These are a breeze to adjust with a ski pole. The climbing position is very neutral although the forward location of the main pivot makes it hard to step sideways with the heel unlocked, and very hard to regain your feet if your skins slip while climbing leaving you on your toes. However it's a small price to pay overall.

Another review done by an outside source.

I have both the 04 Naxo and 04 Freeride bindings on different pairs of skis. Each is durable, well constructed, and functions very well in alpine mode. However, the Naxo stands alone in touring mode and ease of use. Gone is the "tromp-clack" of other AT bindings. The stride is smooth and natural, enabling a true glide. Entry and manual exit require minimal force and the binding centers the boot perfectly. One minor criticism: the boot length scale and its adjustment mechanism appear to have been designed by committee. The scale is in 4mm increments whereas most boot soles are sized in 5mm increments. A true 320mm boot sole reads 324mm on the adjustment scale. And because the adjustment mechanism is not continuous but jumps in 4mm increments, a correct forward pressure setting is all but impossible.

Here is a picture of my set up I have decided to go with.


I will add the info about the skins I'm using next post.
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Thanks for the review. I look forward to hearing about the skins.

Where did you mount the bindings with respect to the K2 recommended mounting line?
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You can see the mountings in the pics to give you a rough idea.

I will get you the exact mounting point that was used. Did you want a pic showing it as well?

One other thing I want to mention again is the weight of this set up. The Maden AK's with the Naxo's is one of the lighest set ups you can get. Less strain on the legs than a narrower ski with alpines on them and the free rides are like wearing concrete shoes...
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looking for a weight on the 179?

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