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Going AT with Metron EX?

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OK I've done backcountry on Alpine gear but as it's time to replace my boots and I like the look of the Garmont Adrenalin AT boots, I am thinking of going the AT route with the new Naxos or Freerides.

Thing is I love my Metron M:EX despite the weight, so has anyone heard of mounting Naxos or Freerides onto the M:EX (last years not the new ones with the universal mounting plate), I realise I will need to drill the plate but can this be done?
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It's tough to drill that plate the reinforcing to hold in screws is only at the mount points for atomic bindings. More than likely you'll have to replace the plate with a 'mount anything' plate. Check threads on TGR in gear swap Mtnlion always has some, he may have them listed here as well. I have heard of some people drilling directly to the ski but I don't think that's a great way to go.
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Another option since options are great to have.

Andy Rosenberg will make a plate that will replace the OEM Atomic plate with a plate that matches the OEM drilled holes on the ski and holes for whatever binding you desire. In fact, he'll even provide multiple sets of holes for your binding so that you can shift fore and aft to accomodate snow depth, turn shape preference or just your desire to experiment.

He has been doing this for years.

He can be contacted at alr_slc@yahoo.com
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About the weight of your Metrons

I really think the weight debate is usually more about the barking than actual meaningful real-world outcome. Don't get me wrong... I think the weight debate can be fun to follow. Just like barking is fun. Woof!

However, I take my stance due mostly to the same debate where it concerns bicycle fanatics. Here are my most salient points:

Are you barking about weight while you munch your third PBJ right before dinner? Now, I love a good PBJ. I especially love using almond butter, toasted rice bread and natural boysenberry preserves. Yum! But if you aren't as conscious of you body's weight as you are of your skis weight, then you might be barking for the sake of barking.

Are you touring many, many miles over many, many days? In this case the cummulative effect of lighter gear will make a difference. But if you're a day user of the BC, then haul your favorite fatties with your favorite bindings and bring a few beers to boot. It's all about the turn - not the gear.

Are you sporting the lightest skis and bindings built with hydrogen loaded chambers but you packed the kitchen sink in your pack and hauling a sled to boot? If you did and you are then you're barking and your friends are howling.

I say mount the Metrons and love 'em.

What do you think?
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