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Looking for cheap Colorado trip either from Dec 16- Jan 3 or March 4-12

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I need suggestions on where to go in Colorado on either of these dates, preferably on the cheaper end of things. (Not necessarily the entire span of time mentioned, that's just a window of vacation) I want somewhere that has substantial grooming, as it is my favorite type of terrain (as strange as that is, I know). I don't know what type of deals are availible at Vail and Beaver Creek, but those would be top choices, if possible. I was in Vail in April, and am anxious to go back when it is colder. It would probably just be me, possibly with one friend. Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
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Copper Mt. 4packs on sale right now $69. each, find a place to stay @ www.vrbo.com & your in Biz. Snow will be best in the march time frame.
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Define "cheap" - keeping in mind what is cheap for some isn't for others, and the variable expectations that arrive with each person's defintion. I know a place in Summit County where you can get a room for under $50/night - pretty much any week of the year. The mattresses suck, the cleanliness is so-so, and there's hardly enough room to turn around in - but, if it's one or two people who are really on the economy, don't mind the worn-out mattress, aren't going to do anything in the room but crash after the party, shower and ski the next day - it's a very good and cheap option. Of course, the lodging options go up from this point.

If the question is cheap lift tickets - check out the 4-packs for Keystone, A-Basin & Breck (www.coloradopass.com) or the 4-packs for Winter Park & Copper (www.passwagon.com). Those will certainly be far cheaper than ANY multi-day pass at Vail. (the Breck, K & A/b pass is blacked out for part of the December dates - so check that too). For the type of terrain you're looking for, I would recommend Keystone (the front mountain), Peaks 9 & 10 at Breck, some parts of Copper, the WP portion of WP/MJ, and of course, the front of Vail - and probably tell you to not do A-Basin.

(Another little hint: the full "three star" hotel on hotwire.com in Silverthorne/Frisco is usually the Holiday Inn - and it's very often a damn good deal. That's been my experience, but please don't take this as gospel, as hotwire has been know to shift hotels, bookings, etc and they don't tell us. But, SO FAR, every time I've booked the 3 star hotel in frisco on hotwire, I've ended up at the holiday inn.)

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Skiing Colorado as a loner hints of a leaning toward hostelling. You really have to be careful in choosing hostels across the state, as they range from places my old hound dog would turn his nose up at, to very nice places run by people who treat you like a special guest.

The best compromise on quality vs. cost, with a LOT of excellent terrain around would be the hostel in Glenwood Springs. It isn't plush, but the private rooms in back are OK, and generally quiet enough to get a good night's sleep. The skiing,,,, well I haven't found a better uncrowded location on the continent. ..The Aspen group is just up the valley, and Vail/Beaver Creek is an hour down the interstate: about 12,000 acres of some of the best skiing in North America with a sleep base below the critical 6000 foot level! ...And the cost is as reasonable as anyone can expect. Current pricing and lift ticket discounts can be had by contacting the hostel through www.hostels.com .

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Check your PMs doubleD...
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I was thinking hotels, not that desperate. Just looking for good info on the cheaper hotels that are somewhat slopeside. IDK if lionshead is an option at vail, but that is preferable there, anywhere at Beaver Creek is ok.
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You really might want to consider hostel style accomodations. I have tried many options from 5 star down to camping, and remember the best of times at a few hostels. Skiing alone can have a very lonely feel in a big glitzy place, but most hostels of reputation have plenty of friendly people more than willing to share their experiences with people who just 'drop in'. ...I have noted on more than one occasion that staying at hostels turned what I thought was merely a 'ski vacation', into a 'real vacation'.

... You really need to get very specific. The words 'cheap' and 'slopeside' are rarely seen in the same sentence.

P.S. - Both of your projected dates are very high traffic periods at the better resorts, and pricing will likely reflect the popularity of those dates.

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By the way, your time frame in March is much better than that over New Years. Nothing is cheap over New Years.. especially not the Beav or Vail. I like the suggestion of staying in Copper or Frisco, then you can easily ski any of 6-7 resorts... and its not a bad drive to BC or Vail as you like.
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I am with feallen on this. If you go in December, try to get as far from the front range as possible.
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It's not even close. Costs, crowds, conditions, the March timeframe is far preferable. With regard to feallen's suggestion, what about the hotel in Glenwood Springs with the big outdoor hot spring pool?
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i've spent a night in glenwood springs. it's not really near anything from what i remember. .. besides I70. you're still a few hours from aspen, and their $70 dollar day passes.. and way to far from vail.

summit county is what you're goin for. there are some good hostels in silverthorne.. alpen hutte lodge is nice and they do offer private rooms. some stuff in dillon too. plus you really have your choice of resorts... abasin, keyston, brek, copper, vail is a very reasonable day trip... loveland if you want... you could reasonably do a day trip to winterpark or steamboat if you wanted. it's longer.. but possible.

or you could just fly into denver and take the train or a shuttle to winterpark...
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Any reason why you're not considering anything beyond Colorado? I've never been there during your specified timeframe, but the crowds during those times will probably be nuts. Vail and BC do have plenty of the terrain you're looking for, but so do Deer Valley and Snowbasin in Utah, Lake Louise in Alberta, Mammoth in California, and I'm sure a whole slew of other resorts I've never been to.
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