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Zermatt questions

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Tentatively planning a week in either mid-January or early March. Anything I should be aware of to help me choose between these dates? Any particular places I should look for or request as far as "bang for the buck" in lodging? (Clean, nice without necesarily luxurious, close to slopes preferred.) Any miscellaneous tips or suggestions? Thanks!
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what level of skier are you? if you are an intermediate - happy with groomed slopes - mid jan is fine. some of the more interesting areas on gornegrat do not open until Feb.

zermatt is expensive - go to zermatt.ch and there are plenty of options with various price ranges. They have ( i think its free) buses around town - picking up skiers - so location is not an issue if you are single. however if you have kids - who need to take lessons then its a completely different story.

i can get into more details if you have specific questions about hotels, ski schools, restaurants, ski runs, bars etc.
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Hi, Marty! Thanks for the reply. Ski instructor; like varied and challenging terrain. No kids involved. Not big on bars, just good skiing. No lessons involved; thinking about a guide. Recommended? If so, anyone you know and feel comfortable suggesting?

Any personal experiences/recommendations on conditions in mid-January-March, hotels, restaurants or ski runs always welcome--stuff I can't get from general info ski sites.

I had whittled my destinations down to three: Zermatt, Murren/Wengen/Grindelwald, and St. Anton, and am still open to change. Any experience/feedback for any of the others?

Thanks again!
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St. Anton is the best destination you mention. Stay at the San Antonio on Nassreinstr. It is ski out to Gondola. A two bedroom condo is about $225. That is about $55/person. Lift tickets cost about $30.
There is a really nice hotel in Zermatt called the Alpenrose. It has been quite some time since I have been there, but it is reasonable and clean.
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This place is supposed to be pretty outstanding & unique as far as lodging goes but maybe not what you are looking for... I'm going there myself in January.


Mid-January you are sure to avoid school vacations however in early march you might be overlapping with some school vacation periods.
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Mid January:
Arctic temperatures on the high elevations at Zermatt - consider St. Anton instead, they usually get nuked on at it's best then, lotsa freshies, perfect conditions, less cold. Less crowds too.

If you really want to hit Zermatt go in March, better coverage and snow quality along with moderate temps. Enjoy the highly elevated pow and the low elevated corn.
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Checkout Hotel Butterfly. We went late season (early April) got a fantastic last minute deal. Accommodation rooms/sleeping fabulous, but we had 1/2 board and meals were a delight. You get to know the workers as well as the other guests.
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Hi Mike, you will get a lot of answers on www.snowHeads.com , which is a British site, a bit like here.
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if you like varied and challenging terrain - go to St Anton.
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Thanks for the tips, everyone, I'll follow up on some of your suggestions. Anything else much appreciated!
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Zermatt does not get a lot of snow, but preserves it well. (There is another stretch of the Alps before Zermatt that block snow).

Therefore, very limited expert skiing is available before February -- if at all,

If you want to ski off the groomed -- wait till March. Otherwise you will only be on groomed pistes.

There are many better options if you like off-piste terrain -- Verbier, St. Anton, Val/Tignes, Chamonix. Almost all will be cheaper than Zermatt.

Zermatt generally attracts a grey crowd -- almost everyone is 40+. It seems best suited for a wealthy older crowd who likes good meals and good scenery while looking good on groomed pistes.
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Hi, Chrisc! Thanks for the info. I've skied Chamonix and Verbier. I agree with you; awesome places indeed! Re Zermatt: You make good points. What about the Murren/Grindelwald/Wengen area?
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Similar to what has been said about Zermatt, just lower elevated so snow can be accordingly. Plus less linked lift system since resorts are spread out over a larger distance from each other.

Honestly if you already skied Verbier overall it's hard to find a better resort anywhere else in the Alps if the snow is right and you are looking for expert on and off piste skiing combined with such a magnitude.
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