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I broke my first ski

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And I didn't even get a good story out of it!

My wife and I were out at the local hill turning some laps warming up for our annual trip out West. Against my better judgment I decide to bang some of the solid ice moguls to add variety and at the bottom of the run I am all over the place. I don't feel tired but we decide to ski back to the lodge for a short break. This run is totally unstable and when I click out I notice my ski has a nice crease and 5 degree upward bend right behind the binding. Actually the fold is in perfect alignment with the binding mounting screw witch has pulled partially out of the ski.

The skis were Atomic Beta Carve 9:18's purchased during the 2000-2001 season. These skis were primarily for skiing the East and cruisers with my wife, so they only had about 20 days on them. What are my options? Can these skis be warranted? How does that process work? I don't think I would buy this ski again, if Atomic comes through with a replacement could I upgrade for a few extra dollars?
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Take it back to the shop you bought them at is your best bet. Talk with either a manager or their warranty guy and plead your case as you have here. I think what you describe is generally a warranty issue BUT the time after purchase is a factor. You didn't mention the length of ski or how big you are because it sure sounds like the skis just weren't enough for you. The 9.18 is really an intermediate ski. If the shop sold you a ski that wasn't enough for your size and ability then it should be further in their interest to help you out. The manufacturer ultimately decides though. I think you're the guy coming out to Banff. In general skis here are quite a bit cheaper than the states if you end up needing to buy again.
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If you took your compact car and loaded the trunk with bricks, and then drove across some very rough roads at high speeds, would it be the manufacturer's responsibility to replace your vehicle because it got damaged beyond repair?

As mentioned before, you failed to add your personal vitals, length of ski, abitlty and binding manufacturer. If the binding is a non-freeflexing design, there is a lot of force placed at the back of the binding. If the binding's mounting screws are at the very rear of the binding, this line between the holes is a very weak part. If the ski is short and you are large, the forces are increased more. Poor technique might put more forces to the tail of the ski, and coupled with hard snow conditions...., well you get the picture.

Take the ski back to the point of purchase, and let them deal with the issue. Remember, a craftsman doesn't blame his tools when he makes a mistake.
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BetaRacer, why the hostility? Is it because I broke Atomics?
I have never broken any gear in the past and I used to ski much harder. I don't think skiing the bumps is too much to ask of this ski, I'm not Johnny Mosely. Now if I jumped a 60 foot cliff and landed on my tails I would have never bothered to ask the warranty question.

I am 6'-0" and 180 pounds. The skis are 180's mounted with the Xentrix 412 bindings. I am an aging expert skier. The skis were purchased after several years off the snow and were a very good ski to get myself back onto the snow. I liked the ski a lot but as I have spent more time on the snow the last couple of years I found I was reaching its limits. Perhaps it is time for more ski.
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Sorry, but I get hounded all the time by those who damaged their equipment while 'Just Skiing Along'. You left a number of key points when you started slagging the ski in your original post. Again, bring the skis to the point of purchase and let the retailer deal with Atomic US. You might get lucky.
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Originally posted by BetaRacer:
when you started slagging the ski in your original post.

I didn't detect any slagging in his original post apart from saying he wouldn't buy the ski again. Hardly a slagging.

Why are you tired of getting hounded? If a consumer pays good money for something and it breaks they have a right to ask for a replacement, just as the company that produces the goods has a right to refuse to replace. So where is the issue?
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I wasn't hostile in my original post. Interpretation is individual. Later.
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Gilper- Sorry to hear it, I am 178cm tall 175lbs and I use the Atomic Beta CarV9.18 in 170cm and I beat it to hell without so much as a little delam. so I would definatly think it is warranty issue. My advice? Call everyone and their brother related to that ski until you get you get a new pair of sticks.
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Maybe the interpretation had to do with your opening sentence comparison of skiing icy bumps with taking a compact car, loading it with bricks and driving it over rough roads at high speeds.

And the oh-so-subtle crack about craftsmen and their tools.

Hostile? Who knows. Defensive? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Chill, dood. The ski bent; it happens; don't take it personally.

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