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Looks like we are getting spoiled

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It seems like every time I turn a page in a ski mag or stop by a shop the skis are fatter. This along with the thought that if you don't have these you can't ski powder. Don't get me wrong I like my R-ex's and I like the Sugar Daddy's they let me get lazy (and believe me I'm LAZY) but all that powder was being ridden on straights that wouldn't even fit in most cars or even a shortbed truck for that matter. The new skis have made it easier and different but not always better. The best powder day I've ever had was in the early 80's in the Cedar bowl at Fernie on a pair of 207cm Volkl Zebra R's , too many face shot to recall and snow boiling over the shoulders all day !
Any thoughts on this gentlemen ?

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people skied powder before fats?
no way.
seems funny to me that people sat in shairs forever floating over powderfields before someone thought..."wider, WIDER!!!"

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I remember a time when I wouldn't of been caught drunk on a ski shorter than 205's. Now,I ski on 150's. The shame of it all.
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People skied powder before fat skis but not as many people and few of them ventured into tight spots. My old mountain, Mt. Ashland, is small and with all the powder skiers the open areas get skied out in an hour on powder days and the trees get skied out in a couple hours. 10 years ago you would be able to ski powder in the trees all day.
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I dont understand the tendancy to resist the new gear. It works better for 3d snow. People ski powder much faster and with more conrol now. Before you had to link up little hop turns, now you can rail GS turns in pow, crud and have a blast.
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I don't think anyone here resists new gear. It is just a marvel how far skis have come since the early 90's.
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Descender , I agree fats do prolong the conditions and have increased stability but the speed and GS factor was happening before (hop turns were reserved for mashed potatoes) it all boiled down to the rider . Rio's point about more skiers getting into our old stashes , well lets just say it doesn't always sit well with some of us but the sport has evolved this way and it probably needed it to survive .
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