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EpicSki and the MSR Team join forces

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Watch for our sticky in the EpicSki Instructional Ski Camps section.

The MSR Team is very excited about the relationship and will be donating a part of each racers enrollment fee to their supporter's account.

Our race camp is this Thanksgiving, November 25th through the 27th. Our race camp will be featuring our world famous "Waist Steering Progression". For all the details, coaches and up-to-date information watch for the announcement in the Ski Camps section! A big thank you to the EpicSki crew for having us join them in putting on top notch events!

We hope this is the first edition of many to come! Supporting Recreational Racing, EpicSki and the recreational racer!

Our event is sponsored by

Rossignol Skis
Uvex Helmet, Goggles and Sun Glasses
Holmenkol Wax
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Thanks, Gary, we're happy to inform our members of unique opportunities such as yours to learn modern racing technique. (For those who are interested, last year we did the same with Gordy Peifer's advanced freeskiing clinics...)
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Msrt Dvd

Okay, if you really want to get a jump on this season we have decided to offer our MSRT Level 1 Progression to all EpicSki.com members for 20% Discount.

Our DVD has been re-edited and I am personally very happy with the information we have included in it. It's got my seal of approval and that isn't easy to come by

If you want to order it e-mail Tommy Kirchhoff at tommy@paracreative.com

Also, for any EpicSki Member who wishes to attend our Thanksgiving Race Camp at Snowbasin we are offering a $25 Discount for members and a $50 Discount for supporters! Doing our bit for our favorite Message Board - EpicSki.com

To sign up e-mail Gary Dranow at gary@modernskiracing.com or Call Elizabeth Dranow at (888)776-6912
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In case sharp-eyed readers notice, we asked the MSRT folks to make our marketing fee a member and supporter discount rather than a direct donation to EpicSki. We hope members and supporters will enjoy the benefits of membership to date:

1. The Lounge and Premium Articles Section for Supporters
2. ESA Snowbird $25 cash rebate for Supporters
3. MSRT Camp discount of $25 per member and $50 per Supporter
4. Weems's special download of Brilliant Skiing, Every Day for EpicSki members
5. A free copy of Brilliant Skiing, Every Day to ESA attendees

You can be a Supporter for as little as $20 per year and ramp up your benefits too!
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