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Atomic M:EX Puls Ti Alpine Ski

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Ski season's almost here and my 150' Rossys aren't gonna do it this year (I'm over 6 ft now). I've looked around and was blown away by the Atomic Metron series! I was at first interested in B5s, but later figured out that they are way more advanced and expensive than I expected. So I've decided to choose the next in the series: M:EX. I'm a pretty good skier so these should suit me fine, but I have a few questions for owners of the Atomic M:EX Puls Ti Alpine Skis.

This is them (above). So my questions are: I've heard it's good in powder, but how do they handle in moguls? Double diamond terrain? My other question is: on some online sites I've seen the sizes as 155, 175, 185. I'd be great in the 160s, and was dissapointed to see no sizes available. Then I went to the official Atomic Buyer's Guide and it said the sizes for this ski are 165, 175, 185. Could I have some confirmation on this please? Thanks for all your help! Sorry about the length of the thread.


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10 minutes before a bump, and I thought *I* was impatient.

I've been going back and forth on the M:EX, but I'm interested on a soft snow/powder ski to complement my carving skis. If you are looking for a detuned B5 and primarily ski on-piste, then I think you're better off checking out the M:10 and M:11.

I've haven't skied on any of these (yet) so take my advice with a grain of salt.
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Hey, thanks for the advice, at least you had the guts to post.
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Backcountry.com and tramdock.com have the 2005 and 2006 M:EX respectively.

They have 155's in stock on both. I wondered why the Atomic site starts 'em w/ 165???
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Hi Jacksonvilla: One reason you may not get too many posts on this thread is that the M:EX has been discussed at exhaustive length on other threads.

Just do a search on M:EX and you'll find all the info you're looking for. I don't have the energy the write all the stuff again.

In a nutshell:
- Powder: Wonderful, but not a Sugar Daddy
- Moguls: Possible, but not a strength
- DD steeps: Great edge-hold and solid. Fine turners, but not super agile
- Speed: Pick up the babies and grab the old ladies - Look out!
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I've been intrigued with the M:EX myself, although living in New England I don't know if I would use them enough to justify buying a pair. If you decide you want a pair and can't find a decent deal, I know of a shop that has leftover pairs from last year at 50% off. 165's, 175's, and 185's.
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