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Volkl P60 GS

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185cm Race stock. Used one season for beer league racing one night per week. Very little training (unfortunately).... Bases and edges are literally perfect. Always waxed. Drilled for a Marker World Cup Piston Plate.
$285.00 + shipping
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Surely someone could use some race skis.......
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O.K. then....... time for a price drop. $225.
I'm putting them on Ebay Monday.
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I have a couple of questions...

Are these last year's skis, 04-05? or older?

I am coming back to alpine after a lot of years on tele. My last alpines were 205cm GS Rossis. I am 160lbs in the winter and wondering if 185 in this ski would be an OK length for me.
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They are last years, '04-'05. Believe it or not, 185 is considered somewhat long nowadays. I loved these in this length. I'm 5'10, 180. If you like fast, medium to long radius turns, you should like them.
I have pictures I can email to anyone interested, just pm me with your email address.
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Still have these skis for sale??
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Nope. Believe it or not, these skis that I listed for sale over a year ago, have now been sold. In fact, you are even too late to buy the RaceTigers that I replaced those skis with. However, I'll probably sell my new Racetigers at the end of the season if you want them.
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