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Ski Boot Fit List

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I know certain boots fit certain types of feet (e.g. low volume, high volume, wide feet etc). To my knowledge no ski shop carries all the ski boots available and not everyone can find or afford a good boot-fitter.

I have a high bridge and skinny ankles (and smelly feet) after trying many types of boots I settled on the Strolz. The only boots I could get my feet into before the Strolz proved to be too long and I could never get the boot cuff tight enough. Strolz selected the shell to best fit my feet and then used their standard foam injection linner.

Please put a short description of your feet type and what boot best suited you so that it might help other people with similar feet.


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Good idea DangerousBrian!

Here's my specs:
size 6 feet
narrow forefoot, midfoot and ankle
high instep
Still haven't found the right boot but just wasted $350 on a pair of Salomon X-Wave 9.0W following particularly bad advice from a boot fitter! (After skiing in them for only 1 day I am already on the 3rd buckle setting).

I'm being fitted for Raichle Flexons at the weekend so fingers crossed I'll be able to come back here and recommend them! :
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Het - Obviously Phil hasn't seen your post yet....

I've had raichle Flexons for years, swear by 'em. They're a great boot, hope they fit your feet.
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Did somebody say "Flexon"?
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I hope they fit too! I've always wanted a pair since I first started watching ski videos with Glen Plake and Co. in them. Still have Blizzard of Aaahs, Groove Requiem, Fistful of Moguls etc so I'll have to dig them out and start getting excited about the coming season!
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HEt, is a little bit of Flexon history on this forum:
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My Stats...

Female D width size 7 1/2

I use Tecnica Innotec series, size 23.5(now the Rival) with a zipfit liner, and still had the shells blown out a bit, and material added to the heel to snug it.

Still it's the widest boot I've found
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