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Buying skis in Europe?

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HI all. I'm going to be spending a few weeks in Spain (Zaragoz) and Hungary (Budapest, Pecs) and I'm wondering if it'll be cheaper to buy skis there. Obviously, I won't be able to demo, but if the deal is too good to pass up, I might get it. Of course the exchange rate is not working in my favor.

I live in Sacramento, so I have plenty of good ski shops nearby. This would be purely a move to save $$$.

Any opinions, maybe favorite dealers?

Thanks in advance.

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Right, exchange rate is unfavorable by now. Not sure about the places you mentioned but in general skis aren't cheaper here. Check out for example


to get an idea, they usually are reasonable for European pricing right now.
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I agree with PowHog, with the current exchange rate, it may not be cheaper.
Also check out:
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I was in Budapest and Pecs years back and I did glance in ski shops. The Forent (sp?) was dead and even the prices weren't that great. Once you add in shipping costs back here , assuming that you are in the states will eat up anything you might have saved.
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Thanks guys. Yeah, the exchange rate is really screwing things up for me. I wish I had been into skiing back when the euro was at .82 per dollar. I would take the skis back with me so shipping wouldn't be an issue. Oh well.

One thing that might work for me is that I might be able to buy them tax free since they return taxes to tourists. I have bought a bunch of stuff b/c of that reason. I will keep my eyes open.
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I was in France in July and looked at one ski shop's prices (they were having a sale) and the prices were pretty high. I was also told that shipping them back, the airlines would charge me for them (not sure why it would not count as one of my checked items), so I just forgot it. Indeed, the dollar is very weak over there. Traveling in Spain and Portugal was not what is was my last time there (1984) when the dollar was pumped up. I cannot imagine what full-blown ski trip in the Alps would cost now, including airfare. Yikes.
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