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Help refine my demo list

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First of all- This has been one of the most insightfull stops during my ski research, so thank you all.

I'm 5'9 160, strong in the legs and in good shape. I don't know the skier levels but I'm near the top. I've got a pair of K2 Axis X's that are great for burning down groomers and hard pack days. I'm looking for a second quiver, a backcountry ski, that'll give me much more float and freedom on offpiste days. I like charging hard and big turns but need to retain some agility for chutes and tight spots.

My first choice at the moment is the new Gotama, but I'm a little worried it may be TOO fat for anything other than wide open bowls. Those who have skied it: How does it handle in chutes, tight spots, and occasional trees? Going fast?

I'm also considering the mantra, as it's about 10mm thinner: Will it make that much of a difference? The ski is very similar to the gotama otherwise.

I've also got my eye on the 8800's, last years B3's, and the sugar daddies.

Idealy, i'm looking for the fattest ski that can still negotiate tricky backcountry spots. I appreciate any help you can offer.

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Two Words: DYNASTAR LEGENDS. I don't own a pair but I've skied 'em. They are nice in pow and don't suck everywhere else.
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The Gotama is my fat ski. I figure all of the 100+ fat skis are good in powder. So I wanted to get something that is at the very least adequate elsewhere. The Gotama fits the bill for me. Pretty much all of my skiing on it is in the tight spots trees and gullies. Out here, that's where the powder is. It is nice though to be able to let it fly out west or in Europe too.
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Jon, a skinny 160 pounder will get all the float they need out of the Mantra, and then some. If you plan to ski switch, get the Gotama, if you like facing forward, the Mantra is more versitile. What lengths are you considering?
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I agree with cirquerider, enough to have chosen the mantra over the gotama myself.

And, coincidentally, I ski the axis xp as well.

And I ski the same hill you do.

But my axis xp dove deep on the really deep days in the south or northback.

That being said, I was passed on my way up to the King by two guys who swore by their 03-04 gotamas.

Also skied b3's in a 178 in southback and they were dreamy.

I think the 8800 may be a little light for our heavier pacific northwest snow.
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Ski nose: first snow at crystal woohoo! I'm working in New Mexico atm but my family phoned to pass on the good news. I'll be working the resort this winter and hitting south/north back and the king as much as possible.

As for ski size- I'm looking at the 180 range.

Considering this is a powderday ski, versatility is less important to me than performance. ATM the twin tips and nicer topsheet of the 183gotama is outweighing the sidecut of the mantra.
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that's funny...

Remember the 183 Got will ski shorter than the 184 mantra. Mantra skis more true to length. And stiffer. So the sidecut on the got is not much of an issue as one would think. So the sidecut on the mantra 184, while actually more deep, will not be as nimble as the gotama in the 183.

So it won't be as maneuverable in say, Bear Pits. or Damn fine trees.

I went with the 177 mantra... As I am only 5' 4" and creepin' into the 160's as I lose weight this fall. Fingers crossed.

I also am not a straightliner. At 40 yrs old I tend to be more of a finesse, short/med radius turner.
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ski nose: If you don't mind, would you elaborate on why you ended up choosing the mantra over the gotama? Considering we ski the same hill, it'd be helpfull to hear someone else's conclusion to the debate waging in my head.

Also, I've never bought skis this early and never Volkls, so do I need to worry about their stock running short? Or should there be enough around that I'll be able to demo and purchase closer towards december?
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I ended up choosing the mantra over the 04-05 gotama. Mostly because of sidewall issues on the old gotama and its 105 mm waist width. My ski right now, the mod xp has a waist width of 70mm. And I have skied it everywhere, all over crystal from the far reaches of north to southback, successfully. But with a bunch of tip dive. I wasn't sure if I should have gone that fat (gotama's waist) as I am a newbie when it comes to fat skis. I also like a more pronounced sidecut in my ski.

I must say I haven't skied it. (the mantra) But I went with the informed knowledge coming from squawman, cirquerider, and Harkin Banks. I also picked em up in the summer for 600 bucks at US outdoor store. They're selling the mantra now for 760. You can get it cheaper elsewhere. (Got a discount on those and last years fritschi freerides, the white ones, at a serious discount, brand new for 245 bucks.

The Gotama, except in the PNW cause of our crappy snow year, last year sold out all over the continent. I expect, with the reviews the mantra is getting it will too.

Now, I didn't listen to Jim S. when he said the 177 was turny. Cause he's over six feet tall and I am a short 5' 4" And weigh a lot less than most of the guys on the 184's. Plus if you saw the way I ski powder. I make ten turns for some folk's two.

But they look real good comin' down powder bowl.

So there you go. That's how I ended up choosing the mantra.

Hopefully it ain't all hype or you'll see em on here for sale for about 400 bucks at the end of the season.
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I have no doubt you'll be very happy with your mantras. I've done a rediculous amount of online research, all sources agreeing that the mantra is one of the best skis of the year. It will certainly be in short supply as the season progresses.

I have a feeling they are the most logical choice, but the new gots are just so pretty
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You think the new gotamas are pretty? Last year's were a piece of collectors art.

I like the look of the new fischers too.

But never judge a book by its cover.
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Lol.. well I couldn't help myself and bought early on a hunch. 184 mantras. I really don't think i'll be disapointed.
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