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I have a Boot question

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My current boots are getting a little thrashed and I think it's time for some new ones.

I went to see a bootfitter and I tried on many different boots. The one that fit the best was the salomon pro model. Its on sale right now too, killer deal.

I'm 6'3 170 w/o gear and ski on Atomic R:EX and Volkl G4s. I ski quickly and agressively on the groomed (rarely passed) though I ski more off piste sttep and trees. by PSIA i guess I'd be a level 8 or so.

The bootfitter seemed to feel that this boot would be a good match to my skis, feet and abilities.

I'd like some more opinions on the boot before I buy it. what do you all think about the boot?

Thak you all for any input
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It doesn't matter what brand the boot is, it is how it fits your foot. If these fit you and since you worked with a bootfitter properly...get them. Old saying...:Once you hit oil...STOP drilling!"
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That's true, but the guy had a limited selection of other boots. I sort of like to know a bit about whatever I might be buying in the future, and if there are other, comparable products I should know about
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Liquidnails, did you shell fit them? How did the shell match your foot? If the shell matches, you're good. My experience (a number of years ago) was that the liner had a lot of fill in the heel area to make it feel snug--but it packed out. Not saying that such is the case with you, mind you...!

If the shell approximates your foot and they felt that well, stick a fork in ya...you're done!
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yep. we shell fit the boot, and it was the best of those we tried.

i could even get it on and off with ease!
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What type of foot do you have? The course sc uses the narrower course last with a thinner "my custom fit liner" Does not pack out that much. You need to make sure the shell size in length is small, finer to finger and a half. The boot will get longer because of the subtle liner construction.
The heel tends to stay pretty tight if these parameteres are followed,
It is a great boot!!!
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