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Help me make my demo list

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I'm an intermediate skier, 5'9" tall, 175#s, in good shape (sorry this sounds like a personals ad) looking to demo skis before I make my next purchase. Problem is I do not know what to demo. I ski 100% on groomers in the NE such as Butternut, Jiminy Peak, Catamount, Belleayre, Windham, etc....so obviously I need skis that work well in hard-pack and ice. I am not into speed. I like moderate speed, medium radius turns, and hilly/wavy terrain, but certainly not moguls...my knees and back cannot take them anymore. I ski 10% greens with the little ones, 80% blues and 10% blacks (if they are not too icy and not too steep). I am not interested in becoming a speed demon nor am I interested in off venturing off-piste. I really like where I am in my "ski life" I just need new skis that are responsive yet will not punish me or make me "work" too hard to get the performance out of them. Currently I have Fischer Rx4's - like 'em, but I am now out skiing them. My short list so far is:

1. Fischer Rx6 and Rx8
2. Head ic220

Please suggest skis for me to demo...intermediate skis for ice and hard-pack

Thanks in advance,

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I would suggest checking out the Head c260i (successor to the i.C160). If you fell like you're outskiing the Rx4's, you'll probably feel the same about the c220's. It's a step up from the 220, but I think it's an excellent choice for anyone intermediate and up looking for a good cruiser. The nice thing is that in no way is it difficult to ski, it's very forgiving, so anyone can enjoy it, and if you're an intermediate, it will keep up with your development as a skiier.

You might also want to check out the Atomic Izor line. They're new this year, but they may be well suited to what you're looking for. You'd probably want the 7:5 or 5:3 model.

There are plenty of other good options out there, and I'm sure others here will contribute their ideas. The truth is that there aren't really any bad skiis around, just ones that are better suited to some people than others.
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I will add the Metron 10. It will carve the groomers almost as well as the other skis mentioned, it is a bit wider in the waste, so it won't be quite as quick edge to edge. The 10 will pick up whatever it lost in edge qickness by making it up late in the day when the snow gets gut up and heavy.
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Consider the Fischer AMC 73, more ski than the RX6, easier than the RX8 and more versatile in soft snow than either.

Also the Head iXRC 800, more ski than the RX6, easier than the RX8, a good hardpack cruiser.

And the K2 Apache X, Elan S10, Head Monster 70

Hope that helps,

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Many good suggestions above. Also consider the Volkl 4-Star.
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You might want to try some Atomic SX:9 or 10's, I tried both and liked them more than the Volkl 5* for icy hardpack. RX8 is also really good. I am no expert, and I found the RX8 to have excellent edge grip and they were not too unforgiving. They might give you the desire to go faster though.. after about 5 runs I was skiing faster with more confidence than I had ever before.
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Demo the RX8. If it's not too "unforgiving" for you, you need go no further. If it trips you up, then follow Berrettscv's advice. The Elans if you want smooth, the Heads if you want solid. The RX8 feels great at any speed, but you need a bit more speed to make an SX10 feel good imho, so you might want to skip that one. You might also want to try out a Rossi Oversize (whatever replaces the 9S this year). If you want quick effortless turns at low to medium speeds in a very forgiving ski look at a Solomon Equipe.

Edit the Elans are pretty solid too, and don't count out the Elan S12.
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I think that the RX8 and RX6 would both work very well for you. If you have the opportunity, demo both of them to see which one you like best. They are both excellent for hard snow and icy conditions. If you only have a chance to demo one, go for the RX8. The RX8 is a little bit stiffer, but for your 175# that won't be a problem. A 165cm length would be appropriate, maybe even 160cm for hard, groomed snow and moderate speeds.

Have fun trying out the new skis, and let us know what you decide to buy.

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The Volkl 5* MOTION LT is extremely easy to ski and it would be a great ski to grow into.
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I'd put in another vote for trying the Elan S10. Perfect cruising intermediate level ski.
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