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more Tecnica XT17 questions

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I am also checking out the XT17 (I skied in a pair last weekend that were off the shelf) and I had a couple of questions:

1) the boot seemed unstable at high speeds. Of course, I was not well aligned in the boot (I was over my 4th toe, not my 1st/2nd). Was this just a function of alignment, or have others found the boot bouncy at high speeds (I know that Peter Keelty did on his review). FWIW, I am 150lbs. Also, will it be a pain getting me back to neutral (most boots I have tried on seem very neutral once my footbeds are inside the boot). I was considering the race plate (5mm lift), but I already need a 6mm lift to compensate for leg length discrepancy, so that wouldn't be an option in addition to the 6mm lift.

2) The boot's forward lean is too far forward for my taste (I am in the 25 shell). Is it going to be a major pain to straighten up, beyond the typical lowering of the ramp angle by grinding the base board? I am currently in a Salomon X-Wave 10, which is already pretty upright (I had the base board ground a bit and now the boot is very upright-perfect for me, and what I want to replicate on the XT). My other option I am considering is the Head RD boot, which is much more upright than the XT, and would suit me well. I am not sure if I am ready for that much grinding though (it is super-narrow) plus it is supposedly quite stiff (again, I am a lightweight and don't need an overpowering boot). The Head looks tempting (same price, about $300) but it is much narrower and possibly stiffer than I want/need at my weight. It might be too much boot for all-around use, especially for a lightweight (Head is coming out with an XS version of the RD, but it won't be here for awhile.)
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I'm skiing the XT17 this season and will continue to do so in the future. Currently my boot is stock except for custome footbeds and a Booster strap. I have a custom liner coming for installation this summer.

I have no problems at all with the boot at any speed. They are rock solid at high speed and quite energetic at lower speeds - note I use an elastic Booster strap which helps with both characteristics.

I ground my base bords on both pairs of my Salomon Course boots - about 1/2 inch off the heel! I found I like the XT17 stock. Is it your binding that's creating the extra forward lean/ramp angle? True to the form of plug boots there is not much boot board there to grind and it has a thin layer of cork on top. Grinding the boot board may not be the answer. Work with your boot fitter for a solution. If you are looking to lower the ramp angle and decrease the forward lean at the same time your boot fitter may decide to put more lift under your toes and less under your heels then plane the boots back to DIN while at the same time planing for cant.

The Head rep at my mountain is already on the "not as stiff nor as narrow as the full race boot". I assume that is the XS version of the RD. He is in love with his boots. I tend to take into consideration with him that his Head loyalty is economically modified and he is a great boot fitter who can make any boot work.

FWIW, I get deals as well but I get the same deal on each brand of equipment.

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My first thought is, if you think you need to do all those mods, it probably isn't the right boot for you.
I have the XT 17, and for the shape of MY foot and my skiing style, its the best boot I've ever tried. It is completely stock. No modifications except an intuition liner. Not even custom footbeds.
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Did you take out that big spoiler in the back? I found the XT to be way more upright than the X wave even with it in, but every boot hits everybody differently.
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I like it better with that spoiler pulled out, doesn't push my leg forward as much. I was having a problem with my toes hitting the front of the boot, I'm hoping this will help that problem too.
The XT is much more upright than my Nordicas, but I don't have a lot to compare them to. Be nice if the manufacturers published some ramp angle/forward lean numbers since I also Iike more upright boots.
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