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T50 ski length

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I've been offered a Volkl T50 in a 183cm with the piston binding.

I'm 210 Lbs, currently fit with strong technical skills, and using a Fischer Scenio S500 in a 170cm. I want a on-piste, ice-to-boot-top-powder ski for all types of turns. I avoid moguls and will use the ski in Vermont, but also in Utah.

My last, and much loved, Volkl was a G30 in a 193cm. Great carve & edge-hold, but short turns were impossible.

Is the 183cm length too long?

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Everyone swears that the sweet spot for the T50 was 168cm no matter what size you are. I had the 175cm for the past 3 seasons and wished I'd gone with the 168cm. I'm a good bit smaller than you though.
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