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No really, in all serious now. Having a second name can get you into a heap of trouble at some sites. I do not have a second name here or anywhere else. I did for a while at another site, that's how I know what trouble it can get you into.

The moderators can tell if you sign in with another name...it's just not worth the potential hassle.
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Used to be realevergreen before the Epic computer crashes. Already had several other names and passwords to remember. Not really hiding anything. Already have plenty of spam e-mails anyhow. Rather talk about skiing than trying to remember more passwords and numbers- so just use real name. If a bear shows up on my doorstep-welcome! Just remember that, in this location, we'll have plenty of time to talk about skiing, etc. cause it's a long ways to any slopes. If it ever significantly snows this winter, bring your kite and we'll try kiting cause we generally have a good westerly winter wind on these flat plains.
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I got a new favorite....just saw it first time

"lurking bear"

nice handle for one who rarely posts.....
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Lurking bare just sounds too kinky!
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