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tuning Salomon 3Vs

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Does any one know the correct base and side angles for this years Salomon Equipe 10 3V, I don't want to get it wrong and spoil a very good ski.
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I have always used 3 side and 1 base for all Salomon skis. The only problem with this tune is that it does not last very long. I know that previous years Salomon 3V's were very tune sensitive. I dont know about the newer ones though. Depending on how much angulation you use, and how aggressive you are in your turns you may want to bump back to a 2 on the side. This will still give you that "race ski" feel but wont dull as quickly. My brother uses a 3 degree side on his 3V's and he has to tune them every 4 or 5 times out because he dulls them so fast. Although, if the newer Salomon race skis are anything like their race stock line, you will never have to tune them. Those skis will stay sharp for weeks with any kind of tune on them.
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Some of the young racers are using .5 base and 3 edge for Slalom and .75 base and 3 edge for GS. I'll have to ask what she uses for SG and DH.
Hadn't thought much about that until now.

For most of us 1 base and 2 edge is fine. I just went to a 3 edge on my Volkl G3's and like it. I have my AX3's at 2 edge still.

I touch up my edges after I ski. So the problem of them getting dull is not an issue.
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At the moment I am using them as they came from the factory and they hold a pretty good edge, do you know what angles they are actually shiped with otherwise I will most likely go for 2 edge and 1 on the base.
Talking of base angles just how easy is it to set an angle on the base, does the level of PTex get in the way and if so then does it need to be planned down.
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1 base 2 side is 'safe'. You can gain SL type performance by decreasing the base angle if you're good. You can always increase the base angle, but you need to grind to decrease it so I would start out at .5 and then detune to 1 if it's too much.
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"Detuning" to 1 degree base bevel is not what you would be doing. You would not be "detuning". You would just be increasing the base bevel! detuning connotates dulling or being less sharp. This is not the case when increasing your base bevel. This would have nothing to do with sharpness.

Be carefull with less base bevel. It can make your skis much more demanding as it reduces the amount your skis will slip versus carve. Your skis will roll onto edge more abruptly.

their was recently an article in Ski Racing magazine. They did an experiment with smae skier on different pitches only changing base bevel.

.5 was fastest on steep pitches, .75 was fastest on medium pitches and 1 degree was fastest on mild pitches. Maybe .75 is the way to go. A happy medium.

All of our Atomics from Downhills and Super G's to SL11, R11, SX11, GSX, GS11 and Sugar Daddy's and everything in between are 1 degree base and 3 degree side edge. They ski perfectly!

anyway, I think you need to try some different tunes always starting with less bevel and increasing bevels to see what works best for you!

Over & out!

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IIRC, year 2000 3V's were 1.5 side bevel from the factory. The Salomon technicians manual suggested detuning 1" on tip and tail.

I have a pair of the Y2K 3V's that are much preferred when sharp tip to tail. They are now 2 degree side bevel. I can't say if that's better than 1.5 or not for that year's model.

Everyone I know, except Atomic people, uses 2 degrees side bevel, 1 degree base without detuning. This includes Salomon users.
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I accept your technical definition of detuning, however I'm using it describe general removal of performance and addition of forgiveness to the ski.
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