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Fischer RX9 Question

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To all you gear buffs out there.....I am 5'8" 180 pounds and a level 8 skier. My question is which size is best for me, the 160 or 165?
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165. 170 if you prefer speed to maneuverability.
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Many on this forum will tell you go for the 160's. I say it depends on how you ski. Are you aggressive, pushing for everything they will give you, then maybe the 165's. You say you are a level 8, but at what level do you enjoy skiing most of the time? I ski the RX8's at 175, but I'm 6'1", 220, and aggressive.
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cowpix, good point! I skied the RX8s in 170s in 03/04 and preferred the 165s I skied last year--for the RX8 primarily due to the added quickness of the tighter radius. I think I'd go with 170 or 175 in the RX9. I demoed them in 170 last year, and the rep told me that they usually suggest skiing the RX9 in the same length the skier skis the RX8. I'm 6' and 175-180.
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FWIW, these are my thoughts: For the Fischer RX-9 170cm seems to be ideal for your weight. Or put another way, I'm 180lbs and ski it in that length. If you want turnier go with the Fischer RX-8 @ 160-170. The RX-9 is meant to be a GS type ski in with more versatile flex and dimensions to broaden its performance range. By virtually all accounts, Fischer has hit a home run with both the RX-9 and the RX-8.
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