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size question

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Would the line 1260s in 164cm be right for me?
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Woops forgot to mention my height, I'm 5'7"
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how much do you weight?? what level skier? We need more info tells us where you like to ski, how often.
What are line 1260's? Sounds like something for the half pipe.

Like a ski shop, we need to know more about you before we can make a good recommendation. You may have come to a good place for help, but we need info.

What do you have for boots?
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If you're gonna be riding a lot of park, it comes down to preference on whether you like a longer or shorter ski. I don't speak from experience, but I assume a shorter ski, like 164, would be much more maneuverable, making spins easier. A longer ski would be more stable on rails and carry speed better in the pipe. It's up to you.

As for all-mountain, that is rather short for a ski like that. I doubt they have any metal in them and probably aren't all that torsionally stiff. To get the stability you need, consider a longer ski. That is, if you ski aggressively. If you're just getting into it, 164 should do fine.
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