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Fortress to reopen

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The Calgary Herald reported today that Fortress Mountain ski resort has been sold by its previous owner (RCR) to one of the previous managers. The resort which was closed "permanently" last year is expected to reopen for this year after technical checks are completed on the lift equipment. Plans for development include the replacement of the old lodge over the next 12 months and replacement of most of the aging lifts over the next five years.

I would have posted a hot link to the story, but the Herald has put it on the subscribers only section of their website. There should be more details in the ski press fairly soon.

Many people were sorry to see the shutdown last year. Here's hoping that we get a good snow year (particularly since Fortress may stand alone rather than as part of the (shrinking) RCR empire.
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Great News!

I feel we need to support more of these 'out of the way' ski areas!
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biglines.com has the full story from the herald fwiw
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