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Bears only Demo Day?

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I've talked to a few industry friends about doing a Bears only demo day at Stowe this year. I think it can happen if there is interest. I wonder how many here would be interested. It might be free, there might be a small fee to attend. We'd probably swipe credity cards in case of total ski destruction. I could get group rate tickets if enough are interested. Timing could be early December, or late Spring for 06/07 skis. Or maybe both. No guarantees, but I'd like to know if there is interest before I put much effort into it.
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Would this be a weekday or weekend?

If it is a weekday I would be interested but probably not until after December so there would be some snow.
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I was thinking more people could do it on a weekend, but I'm sure it could be done (probably would be easier) on a weekday. Also, I figured early season would be better for those who are undecided, but obviously, it's unlikely that we'd be able to take fat skis into the woods. Also, I may be wrong, but I think the reps might be really busy by mid-January, and we'd be unable to do anything until March or so.
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I say go for March and I'm in. I can't ski until January 1st, anyways.

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Depending on what companies are possibly lined up, I would be in
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Why Stowe?
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If this is confusin, pm me.
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I would attend if it were during a vacation time (chrsitmas, Spring break).
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
Why Stowe?
Dude... that's where Epic works! :
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Yes, sounds great. I would say go for March. If in December, ESA East would be right around the corner. I couldn't get there twice so close together. I think an ESF (Early Spring Fling) would be just the ticket. Can't speak for others, but that would be my preference.
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How about Friday before ESA East or Monday following?
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Originally Posted by evansilver
How about Friday before ESA East or Monday following?
Now that's an interesting idea...
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Heck, half the reps were there Sunday last time.
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You'd have more luck getting complete manufacturer representation if it was a weekday. December weekends are always filled by pre-scheduled area demos (primarily ASC resorts in the East.) Reps can't skip those because ASC requires their presence as a part of doing business with them.

If you stuck with a weekend, your best-case scenario would be limited demo fleets (because most of skis were at the ASC resorts) and limited rep "knowledge." Most reps would hire mercenaries to cover them while they obliged their bigger accounts at the big area demos.

It would be a much better event on a weekday.
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The Friday/day before ESA East sounds like a serendipitous time.
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I'll have to think of a poll for this. I was expecting a little more response fromn the bears. I only see 10 members showing interest (sorry SSH you don't count being from CO and all). I'll say right now, I don't expect to tie it in with ESA, I want it to be something completely seperate, plus I am planing on being at ProJam on that Friday. Of course if the majority of the people showing interst were going to ESA, I'd try and make that happen.

As for manufacturers, I'd say Stockli, Volkl, K2 and Head would be pretty much no brainers, I'd also expect to get Rossi, Dynastar, and Nordica, I'd like to get Atomic, Elan, and Fischer too.

What should I put in this poll so it isn't too flawed?
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I would definitely go. My prference is a weekend in December, or vacation weekday.

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I would be interested. Weekday would be my preference as my wife is not skiing until she runs a marathon in January.

Would you consider a more central location (central to New England) if its on a weekday? This would allow more folks to make a day trip out of it and you would get more attendees. What about Southern Vermont? Just thinking....
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Update - I've talked to some reps and am getting more info. Will post more in a week or two when I have heard back from them. I don't plan for this to be based around ESA East, but if you are coming to ESA and want to demo a specific size and model of ski, PM me and I'll see what I can do.
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