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1080 Mounting Point

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I know we have gone over this before but since I am getting new boots my 1080s will have to be redrilled anyway.

My 171cm 1080s were center mounted by the shop where I bought them.

I thought the skis were fun but I felt like there was too much tail and I could never really find my balance point in soft snow and bumps. They were solid skiing switch though.

Where do you guys mount your twins for normal tree and bump skiing?

My wife likes here center mounted at the 161 lenth but I assume that is due to women's more forward center of gravity and and the shorter ski length.

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If there isn't more than 10mm difference in boot sole length between your new vs old boots, you may not need to remount. The bindings should have adjustment on the heel to accommodate the new boot just fine.

If the boot is shorter, you'll end up slightly back of the mounting mark. If longer, you'll be slightly forward. Either way, it won't a huge difference (maybe 0.5cm difference). I'd say don't remount and just readjust and ski them to see how they feel first.
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My old Salomons are 315 and my new Atomics I believe are 305 or 303.

I'll check my bindings to see how much they can move.
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Do a search, this topic on these sticks has benn touched numerous times.

Mine are 2 cm back from boot center but would go back 3-4 cm for all mountain.
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Sounds you'll be fine then, because you should easily have 1-2cm (10-20mm) of adjustment with the heel. Plus going to a shorter boot will put you where you want to be anyways, which is a bit back of the boot center mark.
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It may be my old befuddled brain BUT, if the boot is shorter and you move the heel forward, you will be further forward on the ski .....:
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Originally Posted by ScotsSkier
It may be my old befuddled brain BUT, if the boot is shorter and you move the heel forward, you will be further forward on the ski .....:
That's what I thought.

My wife's 305 fits in the binding so I may not have to redrill but I will still have to get it torque tested.
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given that your new boot is shorter and you have some fore/aft movement on the heel, you could probably reposition about 2cm back of center simply by redrilling the toe piece, saves additional mounts on the ski. I think if I recall correctly the front 2 screws on the salomon toe are slightly offset so you can't simply move back to the rear mounting holes and only require 2 holes extra. I would need to check my jig to see. I actually thought about doing it on my 1080s which are center mounted but never got around to it.
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Thanks for the tip.
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