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Tecnica Icon Alu Hot

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OK, I'm confused. I'm in last year's Icon XT 10 1/2 or 28.5 and thinking I want a little more comfort and warmth for the fast approaching season. Last year when I tried the Alu Comp on, it felt loose and too volumnous for my relatively narrow foot.

This week I tried on the Alu with the optional Hot liner and it was an excellent fit. The shop says I should get the Alu Comp which they don't have in stock and which they say fits the same.

Now the confusion. Skiing Magazine shows relative stiffness and fitment in their October issue, and the Alu seems to be both stiffer and narrower than the Alu Comp. In fact, having had my feet in all of these boots, I would have to say that their descriptions are pretty accurate.

Is anyone familiar with the Tecnica boot line enough to comment on any of this?

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I'm not sure about volume, but I'd suspect it is very similar, and that they are made on the same last, but the Alu Comp is a stiffer boot than the Alu. (I'm in last season's one, without the hot-form, because there were rumours of problems with it last year)
Looking through the October edition of the DMS&S mag, it has reviewed boots. The Alu is described as being "slightly softer" and grouped with the Salomon Pro, Nordica Beast and Rossi Power 90 as a level 6-9 boot. The Alu Comp is up with the Salomon Course and Rossi Race 9.1Pro as a level 8-10 boot.

Hope this helps

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FOX, I'm in the same boot for the same reason.

My boot fitter told me that they say they have the problem fixed. I figure we'll know about Mid-Feburary.

That should be enough boot for most of us.

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Unless they changed from last year, which I doubt, the Alu Comp is stiffer than the Alu. I skiied 50 days in the Alu Comp Hot Fit last season, and the liner is holding up well so far..... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I have the regular Icon Alu Comp for exactly the same reason as Wear the fox hat and Smithby stated above.

The Comp is a stiffer boot. I suspect the Hot form versions of either may be softer than the regular liner versions - note that the mag in question compared the hot form Comp to the regular Alu.

My bootfitter said if you want to beef 'em up, you can put in a foamed Conform'ble liner later.
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I bought the Alu Comp at the beginning of this Australian season and have skied about 43 days in them. They are definitely stiffer than the Alu but they do have flex inserts which you can remove if you find them too stiff. I havent found them to be too stiff at all though and I'm 184 cm (5'8),about 78kg (175lbs?) and an old fart in my latish 60s. You young-uns shouldn't have any trouble.
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Forgot to mention that I have been unable to buy the boot hetar option in Oz to date. Anyone used it? Seems ideal to avoid the frozen boot in the car park routine after the drive up the hill.
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