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I have heard alot of good things about the scratch series from Rossignol for off piste and on piste use.

If I recall correctly the Scratch BC got better on piste reviews than the B series did.

I am kinda confused by Rossies line up.

The B4 and Scratch BC are both meant for mostly off piste. Why two different models for the same use.

The B3 and the Scratch Sprayer BC are both in the 80 ish waists so again I assume for same type of use.

Which is stiffer Scratch sprayer BC or the B3

Which is the better ski for faster harder stuff Scratch Sprayer BC or B3

Why the B series and the scratch series?

again thanks to Rossignols lack of product description one is left to guess.

Adventure VS Exhibition HUH what the F*%@ is exhibition?