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NE mountians opening dates

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Does any one know the opening dates of some of the NE area ski areas
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i don't think the resorts themselves know when they're gonna open. Hopefully the season starts a little earlier this year, last year was a wash early on
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I do not mean to sound rude, but who knows? Early season is really up to the weather. If you call any mountain now, they will give you an anticipated date, but they themselves do not know. For the last two years, the Birkshires and Catskill mountains did not get started until the last week in December, even them, the trails were spotty at best. Weather and luck will dictate the season openers.

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I'll bet on first weekend in Nov. Killington glade with blown snow. It's fun, gets your reality check out of the way early.
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Yeah, when do Nebraska ski areas open anyway?
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Based on recent history I bet Sugarloaf will be open the weekend of November 19-20. Only 2 months to go!!!
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Wa opens the Friday after T'day weather permitting. They've been a couple weeks late the last few years. It's a crap shoot as to weather.
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