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Own cheap slopeside

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OK maybe not cheap and maybe not exactly slopeside...looking for feedback on where to buy relatively affordable housing at a relatively decent ski area in Western or Northeastern US. Thinking about 2 bdrm condo or 3 bedroom single family house, in context of primary residence, but also possibly 2nd home.

Two scenarios:
A. truly slopeside, probably condo
possible candidates: smuggs VT, sugarloaf ME, angel fire NM, big mtn MT, durango mtn CO, etc.

B. not slopeside, but not far away by bus line or other mass transit, perhaps making single family house affordable
usual suspects: sandy UT near BCC/LCC, park city UT, south lake tahoe CA near Heavenly, bend OR near bachelor, crested butte& steamboat CO, north conway NH near cranmore/black, rutland VT near Killington, Stowe-stowe, warren-Mad River Valley, etc.
dark horses (don't know if these are served by mass transit): glenwood springs CO near sunlight, grand junction CO near powderhorn, sandpoint ID near schweitzer mtn, cedar city UT near brianhead, manchester VT near bromley, etc.

Curious about obvious and not so obvious spots in your region that might make slopeside or nearly slopeside living somewhat feasible at a decent ski area?
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It's not on your list, but have you thought about Jay Peak? Prices didn't seem that outrageous when I checked it out last spring.

One other area still half way reasonable is the area not too far from Winter Park. We're looking hard at that area for a winter home.

Most of the other areas I found to range from expensive to way too expensive.
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Bousquet succumbed to trend of slopeside condos, and they've just started clearing the land EXACTLY on the edge of the green run, something like Okemo's, sans trees.

I'll bet it's the cheapest thing around.
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Cheap Slopeside is an oxymoron
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I have had personal purchasing experience with one of the locations you mentioned. Don't want to bore everyone with the details. PM me.
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Define Cheap? In general, you are looking at 600K and up.
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A buddy of mine just bought a 2 BR condo in Steamboat for $180,000 or so. Not slopeside but a quick shuttle bus ride away. I'll visit the place in January and March. But it sounds like a nice place and a lot lower price than I would have thought.

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You can get into a condo at Schweitzer Mt in Sandpoint Idaho for $225-250, a house down the mountain in the local area for less
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Even w/ the large runup this last year, I am sure that there are still many places in PC in the 200-300k range that would fit the bill. And great bus service.
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We have a 2 BR in Redpine condos on the access road to Canyons that we have been very happy with. It was relatively inexpensive to get in, and has (recently) appreciated, but units in the area are still affordable. It is NOT slopeside, there is a bus every 30 minutes to Canyons and elsewhere; we usually just drive down to the people mover (or to LCC, BCC, Snowbasin, etc,etc.). Units can be dated but can be inexpensively upgraded by replacing cabinets, carpet and paint. Kimball Junction is hopping now (perhaps unfortunately so) so you do not need to go into PC for dinner (except of course to El Chubasco).

It aint fancy. Basically a very comfortable place to hang out when you are not skiing. Big nicely heated pool (altho often kid-filled: Die Marco Polo!). 25 minutes from the airport. Rentals are pretty good what with holiday weeks and Sundance.

Kathy Chilson handles alot of units there: http://tours.360house.com/viewer.cfm?ID=10376
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sunday river has a ton of slopeside condos, but you can probably find better
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The best deals I have seen are the Sugarloaf Inn units.. only hotel rooms, but given the price, you could pick up 2 to 3 at easy 60k each and get decent income when you arent using them. The condo fees are also really reasonable

Also, have you considered a timeshare? This is sure to elicit some catcalls, but some awesome deals to be had resale and could work for you if you are only looking for a few weeks a year - heck.. Id sell my President's Day 2 bedroom Winter Park for 4k.. pick up 6 deals like that and for under 25k and 3500 a year you would get 6 solid weeks in multiple locations - and if you have good ski weeks, you can always trade them if you decide to go somewhere else (ie aruba)
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2 more thoughts

1) Looked into Smuggs.. the rental program is a scam.. you may cover maintenance fees and taxes after their cut and you have to give up lots of prime weeks.. research this carefully if you want rental income from the property

2) Doesn't apply to your situation, but there are some outrageous deals in Vernon NJ if you are a New Yorker - ski in / ski out for 115 (studio) or 90 (new hotel unit, but there are stories with these and I wouldnt touch them - ask me if you are interested) .. not the best mountains, but great for a quick and dirty fix
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