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Line Skis....how long?

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I am looking to add a pair of last seasons MTX Assasin Pro's to my armoury as have been offered a hell of a deal. Not sure on the length though - 176 or 186? I am 6'2'' and 165-170lbs and like to ski everything on the mountain. I have skied most of the last couple of years on a Salomon Scream Pilot Hot in a 186, though I bought this when I was about 40lbs heavier. I skied the 186 last year, but only very briefly, and was still pretty heavy then too. I know the twin tip on the MTX will mean less length on snow, but it is a fater ski at the same time.

Any pearls of wisdom?
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it depends on what you want to use it for, I'd say the 186, but if you were to use it as a primarily park/pipe/on-piste ski, then you might want to go with the 176. The shorter length, especially in the park, can help when trying new things and can help minimize swing weiht while spinning and can be a little easier to get familiar with rails/boxes.
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