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The Gonzo Poll

Poll Results: How do you feel about Gonzo's posts?

  • 10% (1)
    His posts would be better without the florid descriptions
  • 60% (6)
    I enjoy his posts and think they benefit the Epic community
  • 10% (1)
    His posts are unacceptable no matter what they contain
  • 20% (2)
    Flawed poll!
10 Total Votes  
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If it lasts, just a survey of how the majority really feel about Gonzo. My vote is in.

EDIT: This poll is sooo flawed! Unfortunately, I can't change it after the fact. I have a pm out to Dchan to fix it.

If you don't want your name displayed, Please Don't Vote.
Sorry about the inconvenience. I'm a dumbass.

I have reposted this poll to work without names, and hopefully this one will be deleted.
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I think that Gonz is arrogant, and, many times, way out of line. However, he is ocassionally entertaining. A court jester, if you will. There is no harm, if you take his comments, often banal, with a grain of salt. Is epic better or worse without him? IMO, no. He is just a person with an opinion. Mostly, I think that he makes some of the comments that he does for attention. After all, he is an advocate. This is a ski forum. We are not supposed to be here to like one another...just to yuk it up about the sport we love. I just think that we should keep the chat to skiing. Forget the politics
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