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Happy Birthday Bob

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Happy birthday Mr. Peters, thank you muchly for the great photos and naratives you've shared this summer, they've made the summer slightly more bearable.

Oh, and thanks to your birthday I am reminded that my sister's is on Saturday and I forgot to send her a card again, oops! It always sneaks up on me.
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Yes, thanks to you, we've lived vicariously and had good dreams.
Happy birthday!
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I too wish you a Happy Birthday Bob and best wishes for many, many happy turns.
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Happy birthday Bob. You're one of the few here that EpicSki wouldn't be the same without.
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Happy Birthday. I wish that I could give you a gift as enjoyable as your thread regarding skiing on Labor Day. You da man!
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Happy Birthday and many happy trails ahead.
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happy birthday to one of our most helpful, friendly and BURLY members. are ya gonna go make some turns today, Bob? make it a good day!
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Happy Birthday, Bob!
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!
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Happy birthday to a terrific skier, Bear, and a true gentleman.
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Second that, and many more, Bob.
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...and many more...
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Happy birthday!
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Where are the birthday pics, Bob?

All the best, friend...
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Many thanks to all of you. I've really enjoyed Epic and I hope any of you who come visit JH will let me know. EpicSki has been a great place that just keeps on improving.

I would say that *I* keep on improving, but at my advanced age, I'd be kidding myself.

Anyway, thanks again.

Now I'm starting to get verklempt.

Talk among yourselves while I take a moment.
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HB Bob,
Your skiing legs? Like Buttah!
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I hope to be as active as he is at his age. Hell, I wish I coould be that active at my age .
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Happy Birthday, Bob.
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Felicidades AMIGO!!!!!
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Happy Birthday to you! You live In a zoo! You look like a monkey, and smell like one too!
used to sing that to my siblings on their birthday
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