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i've read it all

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I have now read it all.
A resort in So. Cal has been the first to make snow. read on

Southern California Ski Resort First in U.S. to Make Snow

Running Springs, CA (Thursday, September 15, 2005) - Although it is officially still summer, southern California's Snow Valley Mountain Resort began ski area snowmaking operations at 2:30 a.m. on Monday morning. Snow Valley is the winner of the age-old marketing gimmick of "blowing out the mice" as the first ski resort in the United States to test snowmaking equipment in preparation for the upcoming season.

While the main purpose of the snowmaking is for testing purposes, Snow Valley’s Marketing Manager Kevin Somes tried skiing the freshly made snow. “It is exciting to be the first resort to make snow, but it was also a unique experience to ski during September! The snow was perfect and I look forward to a fantastic 2005-2006 winter season,” Somes stated.

Snow Valley is located in Running Springs, near Los Angeles.
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good on em!
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The funny thing is that the skiing at Snow Valley won't get much better than that.
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they should just dome it like Milton Keynes.
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Think the first few millimeters of snow are sorta pinkish?
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Trucking In Snow on 9/3

...Mountain High Resort in Wrightwood, Calif., near Los Angeles, has added a Red Cross Relief Fund Collection Center to its list of vendor booths at tomorrow's Freedom Pass Jib Jam.

Eighty-plus tons of snow are being trucked in to construct an open jib arena and vendor fair as part of the resort’s annual season pass celebration. Roughly 2,500 guests are expected to attend.
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And the results are :...one small dot of snow on 9/16:

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This should greatly minimize wildfire risks for the resort.
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What he did on that was "Ski?!?!?!" :
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Really Steve, it was bigger this morning!

BTW that live cam picture will continue to update and the dot of snow should be gone by tomorrow.
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aaaah, I still reckon good on em. Pumping up the interest, working hard to get something going. That's what a smaller place has to do to to stay in the game. I like to see that initiative and energy.
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