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ESA West, Spring '07 where should we go?

Poll Results: Your choice for Spring '07 ESA West resort?

  • 50% (7)
    Mammoth Mountain
  • 28% (4)
    Squaw Valley
  • 0% (0)
    Heavenly Valley
  • 21% (3)
    other. (please specify)
14 Total Votes  
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delete me
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Wow, a brand new poll and not a single vote but I'll be the first to declare this poll flawed. Why? I can't vote because I'll not be going unless Ryan pays my airfare. That's as likely as the Cowboys going to the Superbowl or the Bosox not making the playoffs.

Have a great ESA left coast version 1.0.
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Any place but where the Californians are. Actually, let me re-state that. Somewhere away from a metro area so that we have nice empty slopes.
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Wow! an '07 pole already! What year is it? The wife already thinks that I am over the hill in talking about skiing all summer and planning '06 in spring of '05. Quess I better get with it! "'07":
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None of these choices will be crowded mid week in the Spring! Consequently why the rates are lower! Come on get off the fence and vote... if you are not sure and/or have never been to any of these resorts, check out their websites. All three offer good slopeside lodging and amenities, terrain choice, and weather.
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What about Sugarbowl, Bud? The Sierra Club lodge sounds like it might be a fun contrast to Reno's casinos.
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thanks, nolo. GREAT suggestion. I second the nomination.

I am voting "other".
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Kirkwood. For a California gathering, it offers the broadest challenge, lowest prices and smallest crowds. Besides, we can get change for a nickel from the TGR maggots
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None of the three options involve staying in Reno and the only one that has gambling nearby is Heavenly in South Lake Tahoe.

Sugar Bowl could work? Absolutely nothing to do in the evenings except one little bar at lodge! One small ski shop, one resturant, and that's it!!! Snow quality and quantity at SugarBowl is a good bet.

Kirkwood is another possibility but again very little to do in evenings. But good ski in/out options from cheaper to eliter. Good terrain and snow quality/quantity. My only reservation is that, even in the Spring, they are prone to road closures due to snowfall or avalanches which could screw up the whole camp???????

Put it in the poll!!!
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to this point it looks like it is between Mammoth and Sugarbowl.

Trust me everyone would be much happier campers at Mammoth for every single reason you could think of! Ask anyone who has skied there. Room options range from Motel 6 to Mammoth Mountain Inn (on slope). The whole town is accessible via free shuttle system so nobody needs a car. Great options for resturants, shops, services.

Nothing, I repeat...nothing in Tahoe competes with Mammoth's skiing terrain! snow quality, snow quantity, late season conditions!

Hey Gonzo & Nolo! let's get together and ski Mammoth this season!! I will pick you up at airport take you to Mammoth for a day of skiing and put you back on a plane the next day! ???? You will be sold
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Bud et al: Mammoth seems good and really does get snow late. What date frame are we talking about? We skied there last couple of weeks of the season this year but it wasn't nearly as good as late Feb. They seem to reduce run and lift availablity when it gets really late in the season. Lots of options for all ability levels and as you said convenient transport and rooms.
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I'm good with Mammoth, I just liked the idea of all of us staying in a rustic lodge and evoking the Spirit of Skiing.
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How far is Mammoth from the nearest major airport?
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Airport proximity is the biggest drawback to Mammoth. About 4 hours from Reno, 5-hours from Sacramento and of course any of the Southern CA airports. The small local airfield and Bishop don't serve commercial traffic that I am aware of.

I will certainly attend any California location. Any interest in Kirkwood yet?
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Mammoth is a 3 hour drive from Reno/Tahoe airport. There is also a possibility that there will be shuttle flights available from Reno or L.A. by Spring of '07. I have been researching costs for shuttles. My goal is to avoid anyone having to rent a vehicle unless they desire to extend their trip. We can get Van shuttles that carry 14 passengers for $40/hr. or charter bus for up to 45. The van shuttles may work better to coordinate with arrival/departure times of skiers so that there is minimal waiting around. It looks like the cost would be about $40 each for shuttle from Reno to mammoth. Not bad eh?
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OK, I don't believe in spitting into the wind. I change my vote to Mammoth. Besides its snowing there today according to this other thread.

Bud, off-topic, but is the stuff on your web site http://www.snowind.com/ current for types of boots you sell and work on balancing? When is the best time or time of year to set up appointments.
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I voted Mammoth, but that's before someone mentioned Kirkweed!
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JUst so you guys know, there really aren't any good cheap options left in Mammoth. Even the Motel 6 is 70-80 per night late season, with no kitchen facilities. The only way to make it halfway reasonable is to load up a relatively cheap condo. The skiing is great for all abilities, though.
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GOOGLE on Mammoth, Inn, and take a look at the Mammoth Mtn Inn situated across from the main lodge and the gondola to the top, and chair 1. Check out the lobby and the room options. ski in ski out, walk to lodge (50yds) nice resturant, bar, lobby, The Yodler bar and resturant next door (great aprez ski). room options that include condos that sleep 8or10?

Kirkwood is risky!!!! think it through.
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The best condos and homes at Kirkwood rent at an average of $125 per bedroom ($500 for a large 4 bedroom home). These are great accomodations that make per-person costs reasonable if you don't mind sharing common areas. The best thing to happen is to get snowed in. Risky?
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