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Blizzard of Oz VIP Tickets

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Hi gang...long time no post for me. At any rate...a buddy of mine (and business partner yay) that runs a tuning shop and sells me all my tuning gear etc. has offered up some VIP passes to this awesome season kick off party. The Blizzard of OZ is being hosted by the Boston Ski and Sport Club. There will be incredible ski exhibits, great entertainment, an avalanche of ski prizes, hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar.

This year the event is Thursday November 3rd at the Roxy from 7 pm to Midnight!
Tickets need to be obatined in advance.

If you're in the Boston area and want to check it out...send me a pm and I'll help get ya hooked up.
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So, is this Stump's 1988 (or so) flick "Blizzard of Aahhhh's"? Or Ozzy Ozborn's album. Or...?
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I think it's more along the lines of everyone gets "blizzed"
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Hey Rdy2ski! Good to see you again, and with such good things to give away! Good on ya! Stick around.:

Blizzard of Ahhhs. Have it on VHS (remember that format?).
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Vaguely....I seem to recall them competing with my son's peanut butter sandwiches for the slot in the machine. Who knew it couldn't handle both...pfft.
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Still have some of the tix left if you're interested in going.
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So is anybody going to this thing or what?

I'll be there to have a few drinks.
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Rdy2ski, you get poles this year? OH BTW I have a 17 year old girl, Italian staying with us this year. Hope to hook up and ski with you and your son.
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Originally Posted by Bonni
Blizzard of Ahhhs. Have it on VHS (remember that format?).
Thats Nuthin!!!! I have it on BETA!!!!!!
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