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Salomon top end boots

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Me: 6'3", 205 #s. Am I better off with the Course boot or can I get away with the wave 10 or 9? I have not skied for 10 years and am now trying the new shapes and want the proper boots to have control. I am 47 and used to be rather agressive but after a few days I notice my stamina and physical skills have depleted. I want to get the full benefit of the shapes and want every advantage boot-wise, the Salomons are the shape shell for me but the full on race boot scares me if my technique is not polished. I don't want to get trashed before I learn how...but I want the right boot a year from now when I think I have the skills. Any thoughts along these lines?
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You can do no wrong with the X-Wave 9 or 10. The 10 has a better liner if I remember correctly which is worth the price of admission. You can soften that boot to be like the 9 by removing the rivets in the back. Put them back it when you're a "tough guy".
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My experience trying on boots was the Course was narrower in fit that the Wave 10 & 9. If the Wave 10 fits you I doubt you would be comfortable in the Course line. As for performance, I would be amazed if you needed anything above the Wave 10 especially since you live where real ice is rare.
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Rio is right the course is a narrower fit. That is your first consideration. The Xwaves are wider shells but have more padding so the boot doesn't always feel wider. The padding will pack out so be sure to get into the right shell for your foot. If you have to soften the course you can but get the right fit.
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