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My son is eight years old, 65 lb, 52.5 inches. This will be his third year of racing in the local weekend league. Last year he was in the top three every race with three 1st places. They ski SL in the morning and GS in the afternoon.
He has skied a Rossi RPM Jr in 110 the last two years and it was obvious late last season that it was not enough ski, especially in GS.

New skis I'm considering:
Atomic GS or SL 9
Rossi Power 8 Jr
Volkl Jr Racetiger
Fischer Comp Jr or Race Jr

I'm pretty sure the 130 is too long, it comes to the middle of his forehead, so the 120 seems to be the best choice for a dual event length. I think he is too young to get into event specific skis.

Any feedback on length and ski choice from parents who've been down this road before would be great.