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Footloose Sports has posted their 2006 gear reviews

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There's some good stuff here.
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these are 100x better than the ski magazines

check out the review of the K2 Chief

it's a book report!

Apache Chief
High Performance Powder/Big Mountain All-Mountain
The Chief is the all-new versatile performance fat ski from K2, replacing the popular AK Launcher with more width and the new rounder, wider tip shape that characterizes the Apache skis. The Chief looks tailor-made for aggressive skiing in steep terrain, but it’ll also work well as a powder-specific ski for more conservative skiers. The Chief is more evidence of K2’s commitment to responding to what skiers want. As modern fat skis (and ski technique) have evolved, we’ve learned that smooth, round tips and tails hang up less and allow for more predictable skidding and sliding in the steeps. Skiers are also finding that dramatic sidecuts can also be a liability in the steeps, restricting the ability to skid and slither. And after trying different widths, it also becomes clear that for soft snow, the wider the overall shape, the better. Hard snow performance doesn’t start to drop until the waist starts getting wider than a typical foot, in other words, about 100mm.
K2 has adapted the Chief to respond to skier’s feedback, and it shows in the perfect waist width for a big-mountain ski- 98mm, in the straightish, easy-skidding sidecut, and in the smooth, round-shaped tip and tail. Anyone whose skied the classic AK Launcher will be familiar with the light feel and soft, forgiving, yet energetic flex, but the Chief ski also gets K2’s Mod damping technology for a quieter ride. The torsion box construction is lighter than most, but surprisingly durable.
This is a perfect ski for expert skiers who hunt the whole mountain for soft snow, who want to maximize soft snow performance while maintaining function in hard snow and steeps. This would be an ideal backcountry ski with its light weight and versatility. The Chief really shines in the steeps- it’s light and bouncy, and skids predictably. The soft, deep flex helps the ski float in the soft stuff and gives it a forgiving nature that encourages pushing your limits. And despite the soft flex and lightweight, no-metal construction, the Chief is trustworthy and predictable at high-speeds, although it’s not a freight train like the Dynastar Legend Pro or the 195 Rossi B4.
The Chief will also work great as a dedicated powder ski for more conservative skiers, but they won’t like it as much on the packed groomers- although it’s plenty manageable. Skiing Magazine’s tester’s noted the Chief’s ”...surprising short-turn ability for such a huge ski.” This is almost the perfect board for a Mammoth skier who mostly skis the upper mountain, chair 22, Chair 9, and anywhere the snow is soft. Heavyweight skiers may find the Chief a little soft for aggressive skiing (although it can handle a fair amount of abuse).
This ski may quickly become hard to find…
Compare to the Dynastar Legend 8800, Rossignol B4, Fischer Watea/Atua, or Volkl Mantra/Gotama.
Requires wide brakes.
Sidecut 126-98-116. Sizes 167, 174, 181, 188cm.
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Wow! Nice reviews, indeed! Hard to read (color-wise), but worth the effort.
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Those are great!
Some of the best I've read. Makes magazine reviews look like...magazine reviews.

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