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Kryptons vs. flexons

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Is it true that the Krypton shell size is a bit wider than the original flexon's? I jumped into a pair of kryptons the other day, and then into a pair of flexons. The kryptons seemed to give me more room around the outside of my forefeet. Just wondering if this is all in my head or if I felt the extra room in the new kryptons.: I also read that Dalbello is re-issuing their factory liners for this upcoming season. Does anyone know if the new liners will be thermo/heat moldable?
Thanks for any advice
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Yes the Krypton has a bit more volume in the forefoot area than the Flexon did. Dalebello is reissuing liners for the 06 model. When talking with Glenn Plake last year, he was never satisfied with the liner that was produced for the boot in its intro. When I got mine last year, I never even got liners with mine. I had intentions of using a Thermoflex liner right from the start and since the liners weren't even in the country at the time, it wasn't a big deal. I did try on a pair of the factory liners and I felt I was swimming in them compared to my Thermoflexes.

Here is my review from last year. There is a link there also to a "fit" thread.
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Nice job of research Phil- after reading about the Krypton, my concern with the "more roomy" comments were that more room in the heel, ankle and calf would not be right for me- a little extra forefoot space for the matetarsal bone behind the little toe would be great. Now, I usually have that spot blown or ground out on the Flexons. If Kryptons come out in blaze yellow, I may make the jump...
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I was told that the Dalbello Krypton has the best flex pattern on the market.
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Originally Posted by sywsyw
I was told that the Dalbello Krypton has the best flex pattern on the market.
It is smooth....like buttah .
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Great job Phil on all of the Krypton info.
(I read all of the links from the previous threads as well) thanks.
I still have two questions:
I am lusting to try the smooth forward flex and unique heel hold of the Kryptons more than having a narrow fit problem. I am an average medium width with big calves and a slightly higher than average instep.
I have always fit into a Lange boot, and currently have the Salomon Crossmax w/ the Surefoot custom foam liner (I do have a little pressure on my left instep - I leave it unbuckled). Does it sound like I could fit into the Krypton?
Do you know if the Krypton shell will receive a custom foam liner like the Surefoot (of course a new one done in the Krypton shell)? http://www.surefoot.com/shop/
Should this make the boot even lower volume and harder to fit, or might this eliviate any remaining fit problems due to the custom distribution of the foam?
How does the ramp angle compare to other boots?
Thank you for your time.
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The Krypton shell is a lower volume shell than the Salomons. I am not not sure how that liner would work in it. Bud Heisman might be better to answer that. I have a high arch, but a skinny calf and am using a Intuition liner. Honestly, I never got into ramp angles..I just jsut know the boot works for me coming from a Flexon.
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Well, I've never tried on a Krypton. However, its basic design seems similar to the Flexon. If you should have any instep issues with the Krypton there are likely two different options or a combination of the two that could well provide a simple solution:

1) In the Flexon, the external tongue covers a long slot from near the front of the boot to the top of the cuff. This is also likely the case with the Krypton. If so, the slot area over the instep can be heated and spread upwards over the hotspot area or,
2)the bootboard (under the liner) can be ground down or,
3) a combination of both.

For big calves, in the Flexon the spoiler at the rear top of the cuff can be removed, or a thinner liner than the stock (non-thermoflex) one can be used or both. I'm guessing the same can be done for the Krypton.

All of these are easy fixes for a good bootfitter.
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OK, thanks Phil and Lostboy. It sounds like 50/50 on fitting in. I guess I'll just have to wait and try them on.
Boy, despite the fact that the main feature loved by Flexon fans was always the low volume shell (since they were all narrow footed hard to fit for performance skiers etc.) and the smooth progressive forward flex and the three piece/45 degree angle middle buckel heel hold were just fantastic side benefits, you would still think that they would also produce the boot in a higher volume shell for the rest of us who would buy it just for the latter two features.
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From RadRab - "you would still think that they would also produce the boot in a higher volume shell for the rest of us "

You know I've often wondered that myself. With so many boot manufacturers you'd think one of them would come up with a line of high-end boots produced with different lasts to be fit "compatible" with more foot shapes. The closest thing we have now is both Head and Daleboot that have plastic inserts that can change the width and fit of the boot, but I honestly look at these solutions as band-aids. I'd rather see different last shapes within the same boot series.

P.S. - I just remembered that the Lange boots kind of do this with their LF (low fit) and MF (medium fit) options.
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When I went from Technicas to Flexons I lost 1.5 lbs. per boot (size 12.5). Are the Kryptons as light as the Flexons?
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What I won't do for a fellow bear...

I just threw the boots on the scale - here are the results:

Dalbello Krypton (one boot, shell only): 4.2 lbs
Kneissl Flexon Pro T (one boot, shell only): 3.8 lbs
Raichle Thermoflex liner (one liner with Superfeet footbed): .8 lbs

So you're probably looking at an almost 1 lbs. difference between the Krypton and Flexon per pair.

P.S. Forgot to mention the boot sizes. Kryptons are 306mm and Flexons are 310mm. Obviously shell sizes will affect these results.
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Thanks Noodler!

It appears that the Kryptons are still significantly lighter than "regular" top line boots. I've always thought that the Flexons were almost too light, but I have that problem with all kinds of things. They generally make shells with the same thickness plastic for all sizes, so by the time they get to 12s or 13s they start to get a little flimsy. The Flexons sure were nice for climbing the ridge though. On coming back to skiing on Soloman X-Waves after 10 years on Flexons it feels like I am in blocks of concrete with almost no feel of the ski or snow. I can't wait to try some Kryptons.
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